Minor Programs

Literature Minor: 21 hours: 6 required course and one English elective

Writing Minor: 21 hours: 2 required courses (Writing 204, 205) and five or more courses from 206, 207, 306, 307, 308, 309, 390, 490 or 495

Interested in reading and discussing great works with experts in British and American literature? The Literature Minor complements a range of majors and career paths, including Communications, Creative Writing, History, Pre-Law, and Theater. By taking the six required courses, students gain a foundation in British, American, and World literature. The one elective course gives students the opportunity to tailor their minor to their interests. The English department’s elective courses cover such fascinating subjects as the tales of King Arthur, Young Adult novels, and African-American literature.

The Writing Minor is a great addition to any major in any department or college at the university. Honing your writing skills in these courses will make you a better writer and communicator, and you’ll be able to join the writing workshop community to gain hands-on writing and revising experience.

Literature and Writing Minors work one-on-one with English and Creative Writing department faculty advisors, who guide them through their courses of study. They are also eligible to participate in the department’s annual LitFest and its essay contests. Furthermore, minors are eligible to qualify for UE’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honor society.

Required Courses for Literature Minor:

ENGL 223: World Classics
Shakespeare painting
ENGL 350: Shakespeare
Antique book page
ENGL 231: Masterpieces of British Literature I
Virginia Woolf
ENGL 232: Masterpieces of British Literature II
Emily Dickinson
ENGL 241: Major American Writers I
Ernest Hemingway
ENGL 242: Major American Writers II

Sample English electives (choose at least one):

Marie de France
ENGL 300: Early English Writers
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustration
ENGL 335: Children’s Literature
ENGL 340: Contemporary World Literatures
Anna Karenina book cover
ENGL 344: Masterpieces of Russian Literature
Louisa May Alcott
ENGL 348: Women’s Literature: Special Topics
Boxers book cover
ENGL 352: Young Adult Novel
Moby Dick illustration
ENGL 353: The American Novel
James Baldwin
ENGL 361: African-American Literature
James Joyce
ENGL 385: The Twentieth Century