Career Pathways

The University of Evansville's pre-professional health professions programs prepare students for successful transition to graduate or professional school.

  • 100% of the 2018 UE graduates who applied to medical school were accepted.
  • Over the last six years, 60 percent of UE students who applied to medical school were accepted.
  • Over the last six years, 80 percent of UE students who applied to health related professional schools were accepted.
  • All undergraduate pre-professional students with a neuroscience major complete undergraduate research.
  • Over 90 percent of pre-professional students complete undergraduate research on UE's campus or have internships at other universities or local businesses.
  • All undergraduate pre-professional students have the option to study abroad at Harlaxton College, UE's living, learning center in Grantham, England, or at locations around the world and still graduate in four years.
  • All pre-professional health students have one-on-one advising with a faculty advisor in their area of study and with the pre-professional health advisor each semester.
Samantha Peery

I have just finished up my first set of veterinary school finals at the University of Illinois. I can say with confidence that the University of Evansville provided me with a strong foundation to help me succeed in the rigorous curriculum. My foundation of knowledge I gained in undergraduate school really prepared me to take on these classes and course work head on. Most of my first quarter material was review to me, with a few exceptions such as anatomy. I scored very highly on my first quizzes and exams.

While at UE, I was challenged both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I had professors who pushed me to not only gain knowledge from their lectures, but also through labs and projects that expanded my knowledge of any given subject. Working through challenging classes helped to give me both the tools to work through classes and clinicals, and the discipline it takes to get through vet school. My classroom experiences as well as my clubs and organizations also taught me how to be self-motivated, a servant leader, and an androgogic learner.

Samantha Peery '17