Course Offerings

The minor brings together and coordinates a number of law-oriented courses currently being taught at UE across disciplines and colleges. Courses in the minor will be taught by a mix of UE faculty and local professionals and practitioners in the field. Required courses include:

Section I - Required: hours
LS 125: Law in Society 3
LS/PSCI 345: Constitutional Law 3
Section II - Two Courses From: hours
CJ 342/LS 343: Criminal Law 3
LAW 201: Legal Environment of Business 3
PSCI 363: International Law 3
Section III - 2 additional courses from the list below:
(or course approved by the Legal Studies advisor)
ACCT 329: Intro to Taxation 3
ACCT 429: Advanced Taxation 3
CJ 380: Courts and Justice 3
CJ 420: International Crime and Justice 3
COMM 485: Media Law and Ethics 3
ES/PSCI 440: Environmental Law 3
EXSS 310: Sport Law and Ethics 3
GT 409: Legal Issues of Aging 3
HIST 340: Crime, Punishment, and the Law in Early America 3
HSA 406: Jurisprudence and Ethics in Health Care 3
LAW 302: Business Law 3
LAW 304: Legalized Workplace Issues 3
LAW 308: Negotiations 3
LAW 380: Special Topics in Law 3
PSYC 320: Psychology and the Law 3
PSYC 420: Children, Psychology, and the Law 3
PSCI 435: Human Rights Seminar 3

The minor requires Law and Society (LS125) and Constitutional Law (LS/PSC 345)-- both providing necessary context and background for any of the legal professions plus a variety of electives for more specific law-oriented courses such as business law, criminal law, or environmental law.

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