The UE mathematics programs are distinctive with a curriculum that allows for early exposure to upper level courses and the opportunity to explore multiple career paths.

Bachelor of Science in Pre-doctoral Mathematics

Pre-doctoral mathematics is a highly selective program for students who intend to pursue graduate study in mathematics leading to a doctoral degree. It involves undergraduate research and a curriculum that includes many courses typically offered only at the graduate level. Only two students are accepted per year.

Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics

This program is well-suited for students who seek certification to teach mathematics at the senior high, junior high, and middle school levels and also for students who desire a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics and a minor (or second major) in an area unrelated to mathematics. The course work in mathematics is sufficiently rigorous to provide preparation for graduate work in mathematics.

Sample Plans of Study:

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

This degree program offers a firm foundation in applied mathematics by combining a rigorous program of study in mathematics with a concentration in one or more disciplines in which mathematical tools are used to solve real-world problems. Areas of application include actuarial science, business administration, computer science, economics, and the physical or biological sciences.

Area of Application — Actuarial Science
Actuarial science prepares students to work with insurance companies in the areas of risk management, pension funds, health coverage, and death benefits. UE is one of a select group of colleges with the Society of Actuaries — Undergraduate Advanced designation. Students in this area are highly encouraged to complete a professional internship. Course work and preparation is designed to support three - four actuarial exams.

Sample Plans of Study:

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

This curriculum is designed for students seeking exposure to advanced mathematics as part of a broad-based liberal arts curriculum. It is particularly suitable for students interested in pursuing graduate study in mathematics or related disciplines.

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