Undergraduate Research Resources

Are you interested in exploring mathematics beyond what is possible in a semester long course? If so, then you should consider doing undergraduate research in mathematics. You not only have the opportunity to work individually or one-on-one with your professors, but you may get the chance to present your findings at conferences -- just another way to prepare you for graduate school.

Several opportunities for research exist:

  • The National Science Foundation supports undergraduate research through the funding of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs). To learn more about REUs and other research opportunities see the following websites.
  • Organized semester programs:
  • UE’s Undergraduate Research Program: UExplore
    • Students also have the opportunity to work on research projects with faculty in the mathematics department at the University of Evansville. This research can be a summer or semester project, and can potentially be funded by the university. A typical funding request for summer research would include 10 weeks of housing and a stipend for the student. Generally, a letter of intent is due two weeks into the Spring semester and the formal proposal is then due during the seventh week of the Spring semester. UExplore also can provide funding for travel to undergraduate research conferences. Visit the UExplore area of our website to find out specific information about application deadlines and requirements.

Journals of Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

The following journals contain articles written by undergraduates:

Undergraduate Research Conferences

One way to be involved with and learn more about undergraduate research is to attend a conference. Below are lists of conferences that are specifically focused on undergraduates or have material accessible to the students.