Benefits of UExplore

  • Graduate school preparedness
  • Professional and life experience
  • Contact with faculty
  • Develop writing skills
  • Experience the excitement of discovery and innovation
  • Explore a topic of personal interest
  • Summer stipend and housing

Student or Faculty Generated Grants that include

  • Money for equipment and supplies
  • 10 weeks of housing and stipends for summer grant awardees
  • Honorarium upon presentation of project or publication of results for Faculty Advisor
  • Travel funds to conferences to present research
  • Information on opportunities for externally funded off-campus internships

Examples of Research Proposals

  • Biology: Determination of phytogenic relationship between Unionicola foili and Unionicola Formosa: Does DNA sequence analysis support a two-species model?
  • Business: Perceptions of trustworthiness and legitimacy of e-commerce ventures
  • Chemistry: Isolation and Identification of a Pneumocystis carinii protein with affinity for 8-Aminoquinolines
  • Engineering: Innovative designs for an assistive technology device to perform wheelchair simulations for patients
  • English: F. Scott Fitzgerald and the evolution of the American dream
  • Finance: Issues surrounding Direct Purchase Plans - DPPs
  • Foreign Languages: Refusal strategies: Comparison of three Spanish dialects and American English
  • Interpersonal Communication: Attraction factors involved in Internet relationships
  • Music: Analytical study of the compositional techniques used in Richard Faith's opera Beauty and the Beast
  • Physical Therapy: The effects of exercise on land and in the water to reduce low back pain during pregnancy
  • Physics: Modeling of Plasma Fluctuations in the Earth's Ionosphere
  • Political Science: From critique to consensus: In pursuit of Post-Modern Politics
  • Psychology: Influence of judge's instructions and vior dire questionnaires on juror memory
  • Religion: Investigation of the literary structure of Luke-Acts.