Political Science

Students in UE's Political Science program have the opportunity to focus on American politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political thought and theory, offering several options in preparation for a variety of rewarding careers.

Beyond the Classroom


Political Science majors will benefit from practical, real-world experiences through numerous internship opportunities. Internships, both domestic and international, place students a step ahead, whether they apply to graduate school or go directly into the competitive workforce. Students can choose from a variety of placements including:

  • Local law firms
  • Local courts
  • State legislatures
  • US Congress
  • Lobbying firms
  • Federal government agencies
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • International governmental organizations

Another opportunity is to be a part of the externship program in which students spend a week with UE alumni learning about their field of work.

Field Trips

Students have the opportunity to go on field trips to conventions, career programs and study seminars. Students have attended conferences in Washington, D.C., to study the presidency, and each year UE students participate in the New United Nations in Indianapolis. Other conferences such as Principia World Affairs Conference have brought students together from around the country to study international problems.

Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences have been proven to enhance personal, intercultural, and career development, as well as academic commitment. Political science students are encouraged to study abroad either at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, or at one of more than 100 other institutions around the world with which UE has academic cooperation agreements.

Student Profile

Marisha Sherrard

Charlestown, Indiana

Marisha Sherrard

While at UE, Marisha Sherrard has stayed busy. With a triple major in political science, international studies, and economics as well as minors in Spanish and Latin American studies, she was able to develop her interest in other cultures while moving toward further study in graduate school. "UE has allowed me to be flexible in my studies. I've taken classes in Mexican history, Asian states, world religions, and both domestic and international politics. With my advisor, I've created a plan of study that fits my broad interests."

One of the primary reasons Marisha chose to attend the University of Evansville was for its international focus, including the opportunity to study abroad. She also believes her study abroad experiences have changed her the most. "The perspective one gains when studying abroad is life changing. Everything that you may have learned comes together right before your eyes." Marisha studied for five weeks in China and spent a semester at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. "The Chinese culture was completely alien and amazing to me, and since studying there, I have taken Chinese culture and Asian politics at UE."

Marisha has enjoyed living on campus and being part of the Evansville community. "I'm interning with HOLA, a non-profit organization in Evansville that focuses on health and education outreach to the Latino community. This internship has let me gain a deeper understanding of the Latino culture in Midwest America." Her interactions with professors have also left a lasting impression on Marisha. "My advisor, Professor Milner, has always pushed me to get out of my box, to the point that I'm not certain I even have a box anymore. Any idea I've ever tossed to him, he tosses right back, and we begin to work on a plan to achieve it."