Beyond the Classroom


Political Science majors will benefit from practical, real-world experiences through numerous internship opportunities. Internships, both domestic and international, place students a step ahead, whether they apply to graduate school or go directly into the competitive workforce. Students can choose from a variety of placements including:

  • Local law firms
  • Local courts
  • State legislatures
  • U.S. Congress
  • Lobbying firms
  • Federal government agencies
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • International governmental organizations

Another opportunity is to be a part of the externship program in which students spend a week with UE alumni learning about their field of work.

Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences have been proven to enhance personal, intercultural, and career development, as well as academic commitment. Political science students are encouraged to study abroad either at Harlaxton in Grantham, England, or at one of more than 100 other institutions around the world with which UE has academic cooperation agreements.


UE political science students have numerous opportunities to attend conferences, conventions, career programs, and study seminars. In October 2015, the University of Evansville hosted the annual meeting of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences, at which several UE seniors presented their thesis research. In addition, political science students regularly participate in Model United Nations competitions.