Public Health Certificate

Offered through the Center for the Advancement of Learning, The mission of the Public Health graduate certificate is to give students a basic, yet robust understanding of all of the aspects of public health. The graduate certificate in Public Health consists of the core curriculum for the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and is intended for those who:

  • are interested in learning more about the field of public health without committing to a full graduate degree
  • are currently public health professionals and want to be eligible to take the certifying examination in public health; or
  • are interested in a degree in public health but are not sure what specific area of expertise they might want to pursue.

The certificate program is 18 credits and can be applied to the University's online MPH program should a student decide to pursue the degree program. The Public Health certificate program is completed online to allow students maximum flexibility while maintaining personal and professional commitments. Online courses are taught in 12-week online modules across the calendar year (three modules per year); The certificate must be completed within three years of matriculation.

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