University of Evansville


Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) begins the process for becoming a UE student.

SOAR Sessions


All new students will attend one of the three SOAR sessions offered during the summer. The dates are:

  • SOAR I will be June 11-13, 2015
  • SOAR II will be June 25-27, 2015
  • SOAR III will be Aug. 20-22, 2015

During SOAR I and II, you will stay in a residence hall along with Orientation Leaders (OLs), upperclass students who serve as volunteer guides throughout the entire freshman experience. During the SOAR III session, you will move into your assigned room for the academic year.


You will attend a very special orientation program. While students are taking their assessments and meeting with advisors, parents participate in our Parent Orientation Program. Information sessions are available on everything from financial aid, campus security, and health services to advice on "letting go" and making the transition to being a UE parent. You will also meet current UE parents and students and hear firsthand about their experiences with the University. Special meetings are set aside for parents, academic department chairs, and advisors, so you can be as much a part of the University family as your student. We believe that after attending SOAR you will be much more knowledgeable about the University and feel more comfortable about where your son or daughter will be spending the next four years! Parents who register for SOAR will pay a fee when the online reservations are made. More information will be included in the SOAR packet mailed to students after they deposit with UE. The following parent packages from which you can choose are:

  • Option A - No lodging. For parents staying off campus or attending the August SOAR. Includes lunch on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, receptions, and materials. $25 individual/$40 couple.
  • Option B - Two nights lodging. (Not available during August SOAR) - Thursday arrival. Includes UE lodging for two nights, lunch on Friday, breakfast on Friday and Saturday, receptions, and materials. $65 individual/$100 couple.
  • Option C - Two nights lodging. (Not available during August SOAR) - Friday morning arrival. Includes UE lodging for one night, lunch on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, receptions, and materials. $50 individual/$85 couple.