Winter Break

All University residence halls will close during Winter Break.

The Office of Residence Life requests that all students depart by Noon on Thursday, December 10 as all students living in the residence halls must vacate their rooms during Winter Break. Residence Halls officially close at Noon on Thursday, December 10 and all exterior door locks will be changed at that time.

Requests for a one-day extension can be found and submitted online, and are due no later than Wednesday, November 25. Approval is subject to room and hall availability, and comes with a cost of $35 per night.

Please note that students will not be able to re-enter their rooms over the break; thus, it is important to bring home anything needed during this period. Be sure to unplug everything, turn off alarm clocks, remove items from personal and common fridges (unplug, defrost, and leave door open to fridge), properly dispose of any garbage, and close and lock windows and doors.

Safety Tips during Winter Break

  • Take home valuables to guard against unforeseen damage or theft
  • Report security issues (such as doors or windows that don’t lock) to the Physical Plant well before break, so they can be fixed prior to your departure.
  • We recommend that Village residents purchase lamp timers to guard against unforeseen damage or theft
  • Insure any property brought to school through homeowners insurance or independent personal property insurance. Two companies that specialize in student personal property insurance are:


All University dining locations will close on Wednesday, November 25. Café Court re-opens with dinner on Sunday, January 10, 2021. Regular meal service hours will resume the following morning for all locations.

Winter Housing – Residence Halls

Students participating in official University functions or other approved activities have the opportunity to apply for Winter Housing. Simply submit an Online Winter Request Form by noon on Reading & Study Day to be considered.

All Winter Housing options are located in Morton Hall and are available for a flat fee. These rooms are assigned based on room availability and this program is subject to change due to COVID-19 precautions.

Winter Housing – Village Properties

Students living in the Village properties may be eligible to stay in their housing units over Winter Break without charge (subject to change subject to COVID-19 precautions).

If you plan to stay in your Village housing unit over Winter Break, we ask that you please provide us with information about your stay. This information is helpful in case of emergency as well as planning.

Students Not Returning

Any students not returning for the Spring semester should arrange a check-out time with RA staff at least 48 hours in advance. RAs also are students with finals, so it is important to set up a time that is convenient for both parties. Failure to check out properly and return keys will result in a $75 administrative fee for improper checkout and a door re-core.

Plan ahead and set aside time to adequately clean and prepare your room to avoid charges for improper check-out or cleaning. All room furnishings should be placed in posted standardized configurations.

At your checkout appointment the Resident Assistant will:

  • Do an initial check of the room for damages and make note of the damages. (The Residential Coordinator will do a final check and assess charges after the check-out appointment is complete.)
  • Request that you sign your check-out form (if in a Residence Hall).
  • Collect your key (failure to return your key will result in a $25.00 charge, please do not slide keys under the Resident Assistant’s door).
  • Remind you to update your seasonal forwarding address on-line.

Before you checkout don't forget to:

  • Unplug, clean and return your MicroFridge (if you rented one) on Reading & Study day. Contact your Hall Staff by posted deadlines if you want to use one of the storage closets for the summer
  • Prepare Your Room:  Prior to your checkout appointment, your room must be vacated and clean. 
  • Reassemble all furniture to standard configuration.

January Arrivals

Residence halls re-open at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 8, 2021. Students participating in official University functions that are required to arrive earlier than that date should contact the Office of Residence Life to request approval to do so.

Spring Meals

While the residence halls open January 8, 2021, please be aware that no on-campus food service is available until the evening of Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Students wishing to adjust their meal plans for spring may do so until Friday, January 15, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Request a meal plan change.

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Student Life Center, Second Floor, Ridgway University Center