Closing Information

Here is the closing schedule for University of Evansville residential facilities:

  • Fall Semester: Saturday, December 18, 2021 at Noon*
  • Spring Semester: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at Noon*

*However, all students are asked to depart from housing within 24 hours of their last exam.


Extended Stay Requests

General requests: Students needing to stay past the posted closing date may submit an Extended Stay Request up until 5:00 p.m. on Reading and Study Day. There is a $30 per night fee, depending on the reason for saying.

Commencement: Graduating seniors or those students taking part in the Commencement ceremony will be granted an extended stay if needed.

Residence Hall and Village Spring Check Out

How to Check Out

First to Leave Your Room

Pick up a Self-Checkout Key Envelope with instructions at the RA office or in the Office of Residence Life beginning April 25, 2022.

All Residence Life issued keys should be placed in this envelope prior to leaving campus. You can leave this envelope with your roommate (and the RA will collect it during the Last to Leave checkout appointment) or turn it into your RA when leaving campus.

Before leaving, complete the Self-Checkout link on the key envelope.

Additionally, if you would like to schedule an In-Person checkout, you may do so by following the Last to Leave process.

Last to Leave Your Room

Schedule an In-Person Checkout for an RA to check your room prior to leaving. Sign-up links will be emailed by building staff beginning April 25, 2022.

Select a time that you will be ready to checkout of your room. All items need to be out of your room during your checkout appointment. Checkout appointments should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance to give staff time to internally schedule shifts. Please remember that RAs have finals too!

At the checkout appointment, a building RA will collect your key(s) and your roommate’s Self-Checkout Key Envelope (if they left it with you). The RA will inspect the room to ensure all personal items are removed and discuss any potential damage responsibilities. It is helpful to have all drawers and cabinets open during the checkout appointment.


If you know where you will be living in the Fall, you should contact the building staff of that hall to schedule a storage appointment (if you are moving to New Hall, please store your items in your current building). Contact the RA on Duty 24 hours in advance to schedule a time during office hours to put items into storage. All items must be boxed and clearly labeled with your name and contact information. The storage of furniture and carpeting is not permitted.

Reminders About Leaving
  • All personal items must be removed from your room and hallway prior to leaving.
  • Vacuum and dust before leaving.
  • All furniture must be placed back to its original configuration (see posted diagrams on hall bulletin boards).
  • Remove any poster putty, tape, or command hooks from the walls and door.
  • If a MicroFridge was rented, it must be unplugged, defrosted, and clean. The vendor will collect rental units from rooms after students leave.
Note: Property Left Behind and Cleaning and Damage Assessment
  • Personal property left after checkout times will be removed from rooms and disposed of by the University.
  • Students whose rooms require extra cleanup after checkout will be charged a minimum fee of $50
  • Failure to check out properly can result in a fee of $50
  • The failure to return room keys will result in a $25 fee

All charges will be assessed by the Office of Residence Life following check out. Once notified of charges by email, there is a 30-day period to contest posted charges on a student's account.

Office Phone

Office Email

Office Location
Student Life Center, Second Floor, Ridgway University Center