Staff Roles

Resident Assistant (RA)

One of the most valuable resources on campus is the resident assistant (RA). Students serving in these positions have been selected based on their maturity, interpersonal skills, and sense of commitment. The RA can be a primary resource for information and assistance. Their major responsibilities include getting to know student residents and helping them become familiar with how the University of Evansville works. They assist students with maintaining an environment that encourages learning, personal development and safety. As peers, RAs are available to help students with personal or academic concerns, and they plan a number of educational and social activities for and with members of their floors. Get to know your RA, they are a great resource to you who can help immensely with breaking the barrier with your roommate.

Residential Coordinator (RC)

The residential coordinator (RC) is a full-time professional who lives in the residence hall in a staff apartment. RCs' responsibility is the overall management of their building, including handling disputes, conflicts, and crises. A substantial portion of an RC's time is spent serving as an active resource to students. RCs have been trained to assist students with both academic and personal matters and can serve as a link to a variety of University and community resources.