Living on campus can be both a rewarding and a challenging experience for students. The skills and relationships that you gain by living on campus with a roommate, and in a community setting, will aide you later in life. The Residence Life staff knows that living in a residence hall is much different for students than living in a family home. Many students come from homes where they have never had to share a bathroom, much less a bedroom. That, however, changes when they come to college. There are a multitude of students who have been in the very same situation and have lived to tell about it!

At UE, we attempt to match students as roommates with similar lifestyles (as presented on your housing and food service registration form). Ultimately though, it doesn't matter how many common interests or habits you and your roommate might share. If you're unwilling to take the necessary steps to communicate with your roommate, conflict will arise when stress levels spike.

The information and links on these pages will hopefully help you through making lasting connections with your roommate.