Helpful Tips

  • Agree to Compromise – Roommates who want to get along will find a way to get along.
  • Work out a Schedule – Having some sort of routine and accountability is vital in a successful roommate relationship. With your roommate, figure out how often things need to be cleaned (carpet, trash taken out, laundry, etc). Also talk with your roommate about your sleep schedules (when is too late to have visitors, what do you do if you come back after your roommate is sleeping, etc).
  • Learn to Compromise – Each student pays the same amount to live in the residence hall. An individual should not feel as though their feelings don't matter or that the other roommate never compromises.
  • Communicate Often - Don't wait until there are multiple issues to address. It is much easier to address issues one at a time, rather than present a multitude of issues with your roommate. If you need help addressing an issue with your roommate, contact your RA to help.
  • Be Yourself – Finally, just be yourself! Don't try to be someone that you are not. Be open and honest about who you are what you want out of your relationship with your roommate. Do keep an open mind though; your roommate will most likely have different opinions than you do at times.