UE Student Research and Honors Symposium

Abstracts are now being reviewed for participation in the UE Student Research and Honors Symposium on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

To participate in the UE Student Research and Honors Symposium, students must apply by submitting abstracts for their scholarly activities. Each UE student is permitted to serve as the primary author/presenter on one presentation at the conference. Presentations will be held in Eykamp 251.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students who graduate in December are welcome to present their scholarly works at the spring symposium as long as the projects were completed when they were students.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a miniature version of a scholarly paper. It is a one-paragraph summary of the main sections of the work. An abstract typically includes an introduction describing the research question, goal, or intent of the project; the methods, procedure, materials, or approach of the project; the results (final or anticipated), findings, or product of the project; and a discussion describing the significance, implications, and conclusions of the project. The emphasis on these basic components will vary by discipline. A well-written abstract should make the reader want to learn more about the project.

Abstracts are limited to 200 words. Students should work with their faculty advisor to draft their abstracts. Abstracts will be accepted until Friday, March 22, 2024.

In addition to the abstract, students are required to submit the following information about their scholarly projects.

Title of the presentation

Subject area

Faculty Sponsor

Contact information (names, emails, phone numbers) for the primary student author-presenter, the faculty advisor, any student co-presenters (up to three additional students who will be physically present to deliver the presentation).

Submit Abstract Online

Presentations will be held in Eykamp 251. Oral papers are delivered in various ways, ranging from reading a manuscript to delivering an extemporaneous talk, in different disciplines. Oral papers often are accompanied by slides, PowerPoint or Prezi presentations, or other visual aids. Students will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present plus 5 minutes for questions for a total of 20 minutes each.

Upon submitting an abstract, the form will be reviewed and the student will be contacted about the inclusion of their presentation in the Symposium. Students should plan to present their presentation on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Students will be contacted regarding the specific time of their presentation and more details closer to the event.