Academic Coach

An Academic Coach is available to our students free of charge through the Coaches are available to meet anywhere on campus including the Academic Success Lab located in Clifford library in room 259. Coaches are also assigned to meet with students one-on-one.

“Studies demonstrate that students who participate in Academic Coaching are 10-15% more likely to persist toward their degree and have higher graduation rates than their peers.” (University of Cincinnati)

Who are Academic Coaches?

Academic Coaches are generally upperclassman, graduate students or students that have a proven track record for academic success. They have a genuine interest in helping their peers achieve similar success. The Academic Coaches have been provided with resources and support to help them coach their students while continuing to learn about this skill monthly.

How can they help?

An Academic Coach can be a mentor to the student who lacks certain skill sets to be successful at the University of Evansville. They can provide resources in the areas of time management, improved study skills, note taking and test preparation. They can specialize in finding school life balance, stress management, working with first-generation students and organizational strategies.

Academic Coaches are not going to be doing assignments for the mentee, but instead help them learn the best way for them to study. The impact of the relationship between the Academic Coach and mentee will bring the academic climate to a level that will benefit the entire University Community.

Who needs an Academic Coach?

The ideal student, mentee, is someone who may or may not struggle academically. More importantly, their hindrance in being successful at UE lies in the areas of time management, stress, class prioritization, test anxiety, managing student life balance, motivation, and etc.

In their initial meeting, each mentee will sit down with their coach and complete a “contract”. The contract would lay out the ground rules to facilitate a mutual respect of time and talent for both parties. The mentee will outline their semester goals for the semester in the contract, as well.

What can you expect?

The coaching team will meet with you according to your availability. They’ll establish things like communication styles, learning styles, and the mentee’s top priorities.

The mentee should come to their sessions prepared and ready to work. The Academic Coach will reserve their study room and investigate ways to help the mentee accomplish their goals.

What are the benefits?

Although this relationship is peer to peer, the benefits to the University Community are vast. The student learns a valuable skill set to improve their odds of being successful at UE, the Academic Coach develops teaching styles to benefit a variety of students which may be helpful in any future teaching role for that coach, and the University wins with increased retention and higher GPAs.

How can I apply for an Academic Coach?

Current UE students may apply for an academic coach by completing the application form and returning it to Academic Services in Olmsted 116.

More information?

Contact Academic Services at or 812-488-2600.