Alumni Disclosure

Thank you for your commitment to serve as a valuable resource to others in the UE Community. Participation in the University of Evansville Professional Network is a part of the ongoing efforts of the Partners in the Evansville Experience initiative to connect more alumni and friends of the University in the career development needs of students and others.

With your participation in the University of Evansville Professional Network you are agreeing to:

  • Post appropriate career-related information for students to assist them with exploring their career and major options.
  • Serve as a positive resource to students and alumni in answering career related questions, providing advice and networking suggestions related to choosing majors, graduate school options, job searches and relocation.
  • Provide encouragement and work in collaboration with the offices of Alumni and Engagement, Center for Career Development and academic advisers in support of the career development of students and alumni.

Important information you should know:

  • Your email address and other information such as LinkedIn will be available to others. You have control as to the kind of communication you prefer and the number of active contacts you maintain.
  • The offices of Alumni and Engagement and Center for Career Development will periodically screen all professional network participants' profiles. Either of these departments may be in touch with you regarding your information and suggest edits or clarifications to your submission.
  • If you need to update or change your information please go to the login and you may easily update your account.
  • The offices of Alumni and Engagement and Center for Career Development are not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted in the University of Evansville Professional Network and rely upon the good faith and altruistic spirit of all participants.

By submitting my information, I understand that if posted, it will be available at the University of Evansville Center for Career Development Handshake system and agree to the terms and information stated above.