Elizabeth Powell

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  • Molecular Systematics
  • Botany


  • B.S. - Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • M.S. - Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Ph.D. - Wake Forest University

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Research Interests

In my research I use phylogenetic methods to study evolutionary relationships, character evolution and biogeography in the blueberries (Vaccinieae), a morphologically complex and diverse clade from the heath family (Ericaceae). Phylogenies are diagrammatic representations of the evolutionary relationships within a group and are a powerful tool for studying the diversification patterns of lineages and hypotheses of homology and character evolution. I have examined evolutionary relationships in the blueberry group using both large and small scale analyses of DNA sequence data and plant morphology in order to identify major clades within the tribe and assess the monophyly of genera. My research incorporates recent advances in computing and data-basing capacity and faster more efficient methods for amplification and sequencing of DNA sequence data.

Selected Publications

Powell, E. A. 200_. A monograph of Satyria. Flora Neotropica. In prep.

Kron, K. A. and E. A. Powell. 2009. Molecular Systematics of Rhododendron subgenus Tsutsusi (Rhodoreae, Ericoideae, Ericaceae). Edinburgh Journal of Botany. In Press.

Powell, E. A., and K. A. Kron. 2003. Molecular systematics of the northern Andean blueberries (Vaccinieae, Vaccinioideae, Ericaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences. 164: 987-995.

Powell, E. A., and K. A. Kron. 2002. Hawaiian blueberries and their relatives - A phylogenetic analysis of Vaccinium sections Macropelma, Myrtillus, and Hemimyrtillus. Systematic Botany 27: 768-779.

Kron, K. A., E. A. Powell, and J. L. Luteyn. 2002. Phylogenetic relationships within the blueberry tribe (Vaccinieae, Ericaceae) based on sequence data from matK and nrITS sequence data, with comments on the placement of Satyria. American Journal of Botany 89: 327-336.