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Success in the Field

Across the country and around the world, UE's biology alumni are putting what they've learned to use as they excel in grad school and in their chosen careers.

Our graduates have gone on to careers in a diverse array of fields, and have been admitted to graduate and professional schools such as Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Washington University, University of Louisville, and the University of Illinois.

In the last two years, students who have gone on to medical school are at the top of their class in performance. Major field test performance for biology majors has been over 90% in the last few years.

Kevin Myers

Class of 2006

As a PhD candidate in the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kevin Myers feels that the education he received at the University of Evansville prepared him well for graduate school. "The courses at UE were challenging and not only taught me the standard material, but also introduced cutting edge and current research topics in the upper-level courses."

Participating in undergraduate research through the University's UExplore Undergraduate Research Program also provided Kevin with hands-on experience. "I was involved in undergraduate research for two summers. The ability to do real, hands-on wet lab research is invaluable. Plus, I was an author on a scientific research article, an opportunity few undergraduates receive. This research experience greatly influenced my decision to attend graduate school."

Kevin appreciates the guidance and support from his UE professors. "The professors at UE had an interest and a passion in helping students. They were always more than willing to help students work through the challenge of the classes. They challenged us, but didn't leave us on our own. With plenty of hard work and the faculty's commitment to help, students at UE succeed."

Kevin Myers

Katie Aldred

Class of 2009

The versatility and array of career opportunities helped Katie Aldred choose biology as her undergraduate major. She chose UE as her school because of its small size. "Because UE is a smaller institution, I believe it is able to offer students opportunities they might not have at larger institutions."

Katie's additional opportunities at UE included two summer research projects and study abroad at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, and in Costa Rica. "For summer research, I spent each year working on a different project, which was a great way to get to know the biology faculty members. The experiences prepared me for working in a lab at the graduate level as well as prepared me for my summer research internship at Cornell University. Interning at Cornell gave me the opportunity to see how research is conducted at the graduate level, which also helped me prepare for graduate school as well as confirm my belief that pursuing a PhD is the correct path for me."

Studying abroad in Costa Rica was a direct result of taking UE's Tropical Ecology course. At the end of the classroom portion, students travel to Costa Rica to see firsthand what they have learned in class. "Tropical Ecology furthered my interest in perhaps pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research and development. I believe the plant diversity in Costa Rica could prove to be a rich resource in developing new drugs and improving current ones." As a student at Vanderbilt University in their interdisciplinary graduate program in biomedical and biological sciences, Katie feels that UE prepared her well for the demands of graduate school.

Katie Aldred

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