Undergraduate Research

Biology students are not only able to perform undergraduate research while at UE, but they are encouraged to do so by the faculty. Research experience is considered particularly valuable when applying to graduate or professional school, and it also opens doors to career inspiration and readiness. Many opportunities are available within the department.

UExplore Undergraduate Research Program

The UExplore program provides research opportunities in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Grants are awarded to students to cover supplies and stipends, and housing in the summer. Visit UExplore to learn more and apply. Additional research opportunities in the department are supported through an endowed research fund provided by the Dr. Charles and Lola Robertson, Sr. Endowment for Biology Research. Whether studying genetics or ecology, students will benefit from the professional experience and mentorship throughout.

Research opportunities aren't just limited to our campus. Students can also find opportunities at Evansville's Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve or Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden and Henderson, Kentucky's John James Audobon State Park. Examples of recent combined undergraduate and faculty research projects include:

  • Quinolone Action and Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae. (Faculty advisor: Katie Aldred; student: Megan Adkins)
  • Role of COPII vesicle trafficking in Drosophila egg development. (Faculty advisor: Julie Merkle; students: Logan Chanley and Rabina Dong)
  • Examining Patterns of Seasonal Variation in Helminth Diversity among Sympatric Populations of Green (Hyla cinerea) and Gray (Hyla chrysoscelis) Treefrogs (Faculty advisors: Dale Edwards and Noah Gordon; students: John Erickson and Lily Waddell)
  • Examining the effects of host plant species on the performance of Cuscuta gronovii. (Faculty advisors: Cris Hochwender and Ann Powell; students: Brad Schulte and Danielle Monroe)
  • Phenotypic characterization and genetic mapping of Drosophila melanogaster growth control mutants. (Faculty advisor: Joyce Stamm; students: Kelsey Breneman and Annie Kim)