Rania Mousa

Dr. Rania Mousa

Professor of Accounting / Mead Johnson Nutrition Endowed Chair in Business

Room 148, Schroeder School of Business Building


Rania Mousa is professor of accounting at the University of Evansville. She earned her PhD in accounting from the University of Birmingham, UK (2010) and her BA in accounting from the American University in Cairo, Egypt (2000). She received an MBA degree from Illinois Institute of Technology (2002). Since 2002, Rania worked as a financial analyst in several financial services companies in Chicago (USA), Cairo (Egypt) and Kuwait. She also completed a number of short-term appointments at some universities in Egypt, achieving the level of assistant lecturer. While pursuing her PhD in the UK, Rania worked as a visiting accounting lecturer in Birmingham Business School (University of Birmingham). Dr. Mousa's main research interests include electronic government, electronic business and financial reporting, and the adoption and usage of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).


Professor Mousa currently teaches Principles of Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Computer Accounting (QuickBooks and Sage 50 Peachtree) and forensic accounting.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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  1. Recipient of UE College of Business and Engineering Speaker Series Appreciation Award, 2023
  2. Recipient of the Best Teaching Innovation Award from the American Accounting Association, 2022
  3. Recipient of UE Global Scholar Award, 2022-2023
  4. Recipient of Mead Johnson Nutrition Endowed Chair in Business, 2020
  5. Recipient of Dean Service Award, 2015
  6. Recipient of Dean Teaching Award, 2014, 2019
  7. Recipient of Dean Research Award, 2014, 2017, 2023
  8. Recipient of Vangermeersch Manuscript Award from the American Accounting Association's Academy of Accounting Historians, 2011, to encourage junior scholars to pursue historical research on accounting.