Global Opportunities

Globally Focused

Through programs both inside the classroom and out, students in UE's Schroeder School of Business have the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of how business works on an international level.

In order to succeed in today's global business market after graduation, students must possess a thorough understanding of how business works on an international level.

The Schroeder School of Business provides a wide variety of global opportunities, both inside the classroom and out, to ensure that our students have access to the skills they will need to succeed. In addition to their globally focused course work, all students in the Schroeder School of Business are required at least two semesters of foreign language courses, and are encouraged to take advantage of UE's nationally-recognized study abroad program (UE's Harlaxton is ranked the #1 study abroad program in America).

Over 60 percent of the business students engage in some type of study-abroad program prior to graduation.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Business students at the University of Evansville have the opportunity to choose among a vast array of study abroad opportunities - including time at Harlaxton in Grantham, England. Whether you choose one of our semester programs, a 10-day program, summer school, or an international internship, you will have the opportunity to experience another culture by immersing yourself in it, fostering a deeper understanding of how business operates outside the United States.

Center for Innovation and Change

The Center for Innovation and Change exists to ensure our students experience international situations, challenges, and opportunities that prepare them to contribute and succeed in a global economy.

The institute further serves as an innovative partner to regional business - many of whom are international in scope - by providing ongoing education opportunities and an external resource base made of UE faculty, students and other collaborative resources. The Center for Innovation and Change is one more way that students gain the experience-based knowledge that prepares them for a worldwide marketplace.