Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Atlas Van Lines

Gaining real-world experience through internships is one of ways Schroeder School of Business graduates are more prepared than their peers when they enter the workforce. Phoebe Hodina ’13 held an internship at Atlas Van Lines, one of the largest household movers in the US.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) major at the University of Evansville prepares students to know how best to plan, control, and manage the flow of goods, services, and information at all points in the supply chain.

Why is LSCM so popular? There is a 6:1 demand-to-supply ratio for new college graduates in the logistics and supply chain field. Our program prepares students with the knowledge and skills employers’ desire, which leads to immediate employment opportunities with strong starting salaries.

Happy UE Students holding a giant check for $1,000.

What makes our LSCM program distinctive?

Connect: We connect you early and often to LSCM companies and leaders.

  • Interact with 400+ LSCM professionals annually at the Indiana Logistics Summit.
  • Meet LSCM executives and tour corporations which is available through our endorsement by Conexus Indiana.

Rigor: We provide you the academic rigor you will need to be a successful LSCM professional.

  • Learn SAP University Alliance as the information technology software for LSCM.
  • Compete in Conexus Indiana’s statewide Logistics Case Competition.
  • Study Advanced Logistics Management, E-Logistics, Global Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, among other courses from our talented faculty.

Experience: We provide you opportunities to transform you into a future LSCM professional.

  • Complete one LSCM internship.
  • Take advantage of our Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management which houses a number of student experiential programs.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Scholarship

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Course Offerings


  • LSCM 315: Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
  • LSCM 320: Advanced Logistics Management (3 hours)
  • LSCM 330: Supply Chain Management Solutions with SAP (3 hours)

Two courses from

  • LSCM 360: Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
  • LSCM 370: E-Logistics (3 hours)
  • LSCM 390: Contemporary Supply Chain Issues (3 hours)

One course from

  • LSCM 350: Humanitarian Logistics (3 hours)
  • LSCM 380: Special Topics in Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
  • MGT 435: Managing Global Relationships (3 hours)
  • MGT 475: Competitive Dynamics (3 hours)

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