Mission and Impact

Classroom with remote studentsMission of the PhD in Health Professions Education Program

The University of Evansville’s PhD in Health Professions Education Program’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals to engage in innovative educational practices and transformative research that create lasting impacts in the communities they serve.

Program Vision Statement

The PhD in Health Professions Education Program’s vision is to be the driving force in redefining healthcare education standards, producing graduates who are transformative educators, leaders, and researchers in their fields, dedicated to fostering clinical competence and improving patient outcomes in their respective disciplines and communities.

Philosophy statement

The curriculum promotes the values of the University and is grounded in a dual core curriculum featuring innovative education in both research methodology and design and evidence-based teaching effectiveness. Our strategy is to deliver a flexible online program with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning and in-person opportunities ideal for the working clinician.

Guided by the principles of critical inquiry, transformative andragogy, and evidence-based practice, our PhD program in Health Professions Education seeks to cultivate scholar-practitioners who engage in rigorous research, innovative curriculum development, and reflective teaching methodologies. Through interdisciplinary exploration, our students will delve into the complexities of teaching, learning, and assessment within the realm of healthcare education, with the ultimate aim of advancing the quality of education for health professionals, improving patient outcomes and leading to healthier communities. We foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary learning environment where students are empowered to contribute meaningfully to the scholarship and advancement of health professions education, grounded in ethical considerations and a deep commitment to lifelong learning.