Frequently Asked Questions

How would this program benefit me in the workplace?

The University of Evansville’s PhD in Health Professions Education curriculum prepares graduate students to advance their careers in both the higher education and clinical settings. Graduates will be leaders and influencers within their respective healthcare fields. For some, that may mean the opportunity for great upward mobility for career advancement. For others, it could be a vehicle for transition from clinical practice to academics in the university setting. For those already teaching at the University level, a PhD provides pathways for tenure and other leadership roles.

When does the program start?

The program is cohort-based and starts every January, the beginning of the spring semester.

When do classes meet?
Classes are delivered online both in synchronous and asynchronous format, with synchronous Saturday sessions typically occurring 2-3 times a semester. The synchronous sessions can be attended either in-person or virtually via a telepresence classroom. The dissertation will be completed independently with the support of the student’s dissertation chair and committee members.
What are the requirements students must fulfill to complete the program?

The PhD program is 44 credit hours and can be completed in two and a half years. Students complete 22 credit hours in the teaching core, which requires a teaching practicum. There are 16 credit hours of research and six hours of dissertation coursework.

How much time would I need to spend outside of class to be prepared for class?

On average, the University recommends three hours outside of class to prepare for each hour of instruction. However, this will vary with the content of the courses(s) taken each semester.

Will I be assigned a program advisor who will mentor me and guide me through my course work?

Yes. Immediately upon enrollment into the program, graduate students are assigned an academic advisor who meets regularly with their advisees to discuss registration for classes, program progress, areas for growth, and selection of a dissertation committee.

Would I be eligible for any financial assistance?

Yes. Students who are in the PhD in Health Professions Education program may utilize the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Grad PLUS Loan. You will want to file the FAFSA and apply for federal loans at the Federal Student Aid webpage.

Can I visit a class to get a better feel for the program?

Yes, you are welcome to visit a class. To schedule a visit, please contact our office.