International Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Pack?
Residence life provides a list of recommended items to pack. Several of these might not pertain to you, but it still might be a helpful resource. Some other items to consider: Please feel free to pack your country’s traditional clothing or items. You will have several opportunities to share your culture with other students, particularly at the International Bazaar. Also, the University’s fitness center has a swimming pool for your use; if this interests you, pack a bathing suit. Finally, do not forget to pack “casual smart” clothing for convocation (khaki or dress pants, skirts, dresses, golf shirt, button-down shirts, etc.)
What Should I do with my Health Card?
All incoming students are required to have a complete Health Card on file prior to the beginning of classes on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. You can bring your completed Health Card with you to orientation or send it in via e-mail to
What is WebAdvisor?
WebAdvisor gives you the ability to access and update your important personal information. You can print your class schedule, register for classes, and check your grades. You can also check your account balance and pay your bills through WebAdvisor. There is a feature that allows your parents access so that they can make a payment for you, as well as verify your home address and emergency information. To log in, go to Your login will be the same as your email login and your password will be the same that was created when you signed up for the online Housing and Meal Plan registration. For more information, contact the Help Desk at or call (812) 488-2077.
Who picks me up from the airport?
If you plan to arrive during the listed arrivals days, the International Orientation Leaders (IOL) will greet you at the Evansville Regional Airport and take to your on-campus housing assignment. They will be easy to spot – they will be wearing purple shirts and have a welcome sign!
What if my flight is delayed or I miss my flight – Who do I contact?
The Cultural Engagement & International Services tracks the flight numbers you provide to make sure we’re at the airport when you arrive. If you know you will be delayed or missed your flight, you can email or call toll-free at 800-423-8633.
What happens when I arrive?
When you arrive, the IOLs will take you to your on-campus housing assignment and help you settle in your room. Meals are on your own until orientation begins with dinner on August 17 at 4:30 p.m. There will be several IOLs around who will be able to assist you in getting food at nearby restaurants and grocery stores.
Where do I get meals?
Whether you're craving a sub sandwich, a slice of pizza, an Asian-style dinner, or just a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger, the Café Court – located in Ridgway University Center – has the meal you are looking for (complete with frozen yogurt or a smoothie to top it off for dessert!). Simply use your University ID card as your meal debit card for both meals and flex. There are also several restaurants within walking distance from campus in case Café Court is closed. Use this map to help direct you.
What is the orientation like?
International Orientation will take place from August 17 to August 23. We design orientation specifically to prepare you for a happy and successful college career. You will take placement exams, check-in with immigration, connect with resources on campus, register for classes, and have lots of fun! Our energetic IOLs have planned a memorable week for you and will guide through the transition into college. Many friendship start during this week, so don’t miss it!
Will I be alone? Can I become friends with the IOLs?
You will not be alone. Orientation is designed to help you to meet different people and make friends. Your IOLs are there to be the first friend you meet and help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember they are students like you!
What are the placement tests?
During the Orientation you will be given placement tests in writing, English and Mathematics. These tests are designed to assess your previous coursework, and determine the appropriate beginning level of instruction for you here at UE.
What are the health requirements? Any shots?
All incoming students are required to have a complete Health Card on file prior to the beginning of classes on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. You can bring your completed Health Card with you to orientation or send it in via e-mail to You must have the following immunizations: two measles, mumps, rubella vaccinations (MMR) and tetanus shot within the last 10 years. The State of Indiana requires all students to receive a TB skin test in the United States. You will receive one on campus for a $20 fee.
Where can I get a phone? Adapters?
During Orientation you will have the opportunity to meet some cell phone companies and learn about your options for cell phone plans. We will provide a shopping shuttle during arrival days that allows you to purchase the plan you want. The adapters for your phones and laptops are easy to find in the stores and supermarkets in town.
How can I get involved on campus?
The University of Evansville is the right school for you in terms of involvement. With more than 120 student organizations on campus the University of Evansville’s Center for Student Engagement has something for everyone. No matter where your interests lie, you will be assisted in connecting with other students. So whether you are looking to meet other students in your academic field, find friends with similar cultural or religious interests as you, engage in a community service opportunity, or join a fraternity or sorority, the Center for Student Engagement can help you find what you’re looking for (and if it doesn’t already exist, they can help you through the simple process of creating your own organization).
What’s the weather like?
Evansville, Indiana has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons: Summer (June-September), Autumn or Fall (September-December), Winter (December-Mars) and Spring (March-June). The warm season lasts from May 23 to September 20 with an average daily high temperature above 79°F. The cold season lasts from November 30 to February 24 with an average daily high temperature below 49°F.
Will I find people from my country? Language?
The University of Evansville has a well-diversified community with more than 50 international countries represented. You will definitely find someone from a similar culture or region if not from your country.
Would I be able to find a job on campus?
There are jobs available through the financial aid office. Because of Federal funding, domestic students have first choices at the available positions. For those interested in a job, please apply through the financial aid office.
Can I be eligible for a financial aid?
The University of Evansville offers academic scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $16,500 each academic year. Students with outstanding academic performance may be eligible for higher awards.
Would I be able to get a social security number?
The United Government States only provides a social security number to students who are eligible to work on campus or eligible for paid internships or employment. If you have a car and wonder about his registration and insurance documentations, you only need the I-94. You do not need a social security number to buy a phone.
Can I get a driver license?
Yes you can. To obtain a driver license, you will have to pass a written test of 50 questions in order to obtain the learner’s permit. You must hold the permit for 180 days (approximately 6 months). After this period, you are eligible to pass a driving test in order to obtain your driver’s license.
What is there to do in Evansville?
Evansville is the third-largest city in the state of Indiana and the largest city in Southern Indiana. Located on the corner of three states: Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, the city of Evansville offers numerous activities you can explore when you visit the University of Evansville. With a variety of locally-owned restaurants, museums, hiking, shopping, and walking down the river, you'll enjoy exploring all that Evansville has to offer.
What type of transportation do you use in the city?
Cars and cabs are the most common way of transportation. If you like biking, you will be able to do so in the city and on campus. The city provides a bus service. More information can be found online.
Can I practice my religion?
The University of Evansville emphasizes the respect and practice of any religion. The University of Evansville's Religious Life Department offers support and guidance throughout your spiritual development here at UE. Worship services, small group experiences, and pastoral care opportunities are offered in the sincere hope that you might find a place to grow spiritually during your time here.
Where can I buy food?
Various supermarkets and stores are located in town allowing you to buy some food. If you miss home and feel like eating international food, you can buy your supply at the International Market.
Where and to whom can I ask a question?
Our IOLs are available to answer to any of your questions. If you have any specific questions regarding the immigration, the school, etc., the office of Cultural Engagement and International Services located in Ridgway 2nd floor will be pleased to help you out.
What about roommates? Can I request a roommate of the same country as me?
At UE, we attempt to match students as roommates with similar lifestyles (as presented on your housing and food service registration form). Yes you can request a roommate of the same country as you. You need to specify it in the housing form.
What is Intramurals? Can I be a part of it?
Over 85 percent of students at UE participate in intramural sports. There really is something for everyone! The intramural program provides opportunities for students of all abilities to get involved in a variety of activities. Opportunities include administration and supervision, officiating, and competition for individuals and teams of all abilities and interest levels. Students can check the intramural update board in the Student Fitness Center for dates and entry deadlines. Among the intramurals sports available, there are: Outdoor Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Bike Race, etc.

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