Timeline for Returning Students


Submit the 2021-22 FAFSA at fafsa.gov to be considered for all forms of need-based aid, including federal, state and UE grants; federal loans; and federal work-study. Once your FAFSA has been submitted, please respond immediately to any requests you receive from the Office of Student Financial Services to correct your FAFSA or provide required documents. Submitting by April 15 is mandatory for Indiana residents and highly beneficial for all.

MAY – Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed

Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed at the end of each semester (fall, spring, and summer) for all students. Read the full policy.


Our office actively corresponds via UE email regarding issues affecting the processing of students’ financial aid awards. We encourage students to check their UE email on a regular basis and take the necessary steps to resolve any pending issues.

  • PROXY ACCESS: Due to federal regulations, UE offices may not discuss account details with anyone not granted Proxy Access by the student. Students may opt to grant complete or selected access to their financial information through links found under Parent’s Information in Self-Service.
  • VERIFICATION: If your FAFSA was selected for review by the federal processor, a Verification Worksheet is available in Financial Aid Self-Service. Please complete and return this form and follow instructions for confirming income. Your financial aid will not be renewed until Verification is completed.
  • FINANCIAL AID NOTIFICATION: Students who have completed required actions will receive email notification of availability of their Financial Aid Award. Students view and accept their financial aid through Financial Aid Self-Service.
  • RESPONDING TO FINANCIAL AID AWARD: Through Financial Aid Self-Service, review your Financial Aid Award Letter found under ‘Financial Aid Counseling.’ The following forms of aid listed in your letter under ‘Self-Help Awards’ require you to accept or decline their use through the ‘My Awards’ link:

    • Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan: The amount offered indicates your maximum eligibility based on the most recent information we have received. You may request a lower amount than offered.
    • Federal Work-Study: This award represents the opportunity to work on campus approximately nine hours per week. If you accept Federal Work-study, you will receive an email during late-spring/early-summer with additional information.
  • FINANCIAL AID AWARD REVISIONS: Your Financial Aid Award may be revised to reflect changes due to the following: updated FAFSA information, addition of financial aid, updated housing or enrollment status. Students are notified via UE email that a revision is viewable through Financial Aid Self-Service.
  • DETERMINE YOUR ESTIMATED NET COST: Please utilize our online Estimated Cost Calculator to assist you in determining your estimated remaining balance based on the aid you accept.

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