Outside Scholarships

The University of Evansville recommends that you search aggressively for additional scholarships from sources outside of colleges and the government.

Students are required to report the receipt of scholarships and if at all possible, outside scholarships will be added to other financial aid awarded for the academic year. UE's Gift Aid Policy allows you to accumulate private scholarships up to the amount of your directly-billed charges for tuition, fees, on-campus housing and meal plan, and a $2,500 allowance for books and supplies. Also see UE's Gift Aid Policy for details of how outside scholarships coordinate with federal aid.

When an outside scholarship check is received, it should be directed to the University of Evansville, Attn: Office of Student Financial Services with notation including student information. Our office will apply the funds to the student's university account, and unless otherwise directed by the donor, funds are divided equally between the fall and spring semesters.

Focus your search locally by checking these sources for scholarship information:

  • Your high school guidance office
  • Civic groups in your community
  • Your church
  • Your place of employment and parents' places of employment
  • Trust Department at your local bank
  • Retail stores

Looking for Additional Scholarships? Scholarship opportunities are available through the University portal in the Student Financial Services area (requires MyUE login).

Listed below are several well-known free scholarship search services/scholarship organizations. We highly recommend that you do not use scholarships search services that charge a fee.

Nursing Scholarships

Prestigious Scholarships Information

The University of Evansville provides direct support to students pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate international scholarships through these programs:

  • Rhodes
  • Marshall
  • Fulbright (IIE)
  • NSEP/David Boren (IIE)
  • Jack Kent Cooke
  • Gilman
  • Goldwater
  • Truman
  • Udall
  • Fund for Theological Education
  • Wellstone Fellow & Villers Fellowship
  • Harding Scholarship Competition
  • American Bar Association Legal Opportunity Scholarship