Harlaxton Society Board of Directors

At Large Members

  • Grace Altmeyer ’84 — Evansville, Indiana
  • Andrea Barnard ’01 — Newburgh, Indiana
  • Ann Beck — Charleston, Illinois
  • Kerry Brenneman ’92 — Indianapolis, IN
  • Amy Brody ’97 — Chicago, Illinois
  • Laura Canter ’03 — Covington, Kentucky
  • Shaun Cofer ’02 — Lapel, Indiana
  • Gail Dunn — Evansville, Indiana
  • Clay Havill ’02 — Evansville, Indiana
  • Rhonda Hinkle ’98 — Speedway, Indiana
  • Karen Katz ’99 — Hollywood, Florida
  • Betsy Knott ’99 — Brownsburg, IN
  • Gretchen Otness ’09 — Wilmar, Minnesota
  • Lynn Foshee Reed ’80 — Chester, Virginia
  • Tim Reed ’82 — Chester, Virginia
  • Carol Schaefer — Newburgh, Indiana
  • Robert Schuttler M’80 — Plainfield, Indiana
  • Angie Stocklin ’00 — Indianapolis, IN
  • William Stroube — Evansville, Indiana
  • Rick Tonielli — Lombard, Illinois

Faculty Representative

  • Mark Valenzuela, associate professor of civil engineering University of Evansville

Student Representative

  • Taylor Howard, senior from Newburgh, Indiana

Harlaxton Society Board of Directors Patrons

  • Gordon Kingsley — Beloit, Wisconsin
  • Alexandra Leich — Evansville, Indiana
  • John ‘87 and Alice Nugent — Newburgh, Indiana
  • Melvin Peterson H’91 — Evansville, Indiana
  • Diane Schroeder M’74 — Evansville, Indiana
  • John C. Schroeder H'00 — Evansville, Indiana
  • Virginia Schroeder H’92 — Evansville, Indiana
  • Steven Worthington ’73 — Evansville, Indiana

Alumni Association of Harlaxton College By-Laws

  • Membership: Membership in the Harlaxton Society is open to all former students, faculty and staff of Harlaxton College and all members of the original Harlaxton Society. Honorary membership may be granted to other friends of Harlaxton by the Harlaxton Society Board of Directors.

  • Purposes: The Harlaxton Society is the alumni organization for Harlaxton College. Its main purposes are to keep its members informed about Harlaxton College and to promote and support Harlaxton College, its mission and current students. The Harlaxton Society raises funds to provide scholarship support for students studying at Harlaxton College.

  • Organization: Leadership of the Harlaxton Society shall be vested in the Harlaxton Society Board of Directors. The Harlaxton Society receives support from the University of Evansville through the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations and operates on the same fiscal year as the University (June 1 - May 31). The Harlaxton Society board of directors is an advisory body and does not decide policy for the University.

  • Board of Directors Membership: The Board of Directors is comprised of 20 at-large directors, each eligible to serve two consecutive three-year terms. In no event shall any one person serve as a director more than six years in any nine year period. New directors will be selected by the nominating committee and approved by the full board at the spring meeting. The full board membership shall be notified of the slate of candidates two weeks prior to the approval meeting. The status of any director who misses three consecutive meetings will be subject to review by the nominating committee.

    Lifetime directorships shall be granted to directors who served 25 years or more on the original Harlaxton Society Board of Directors. Lifetime directors shall have full voting rights but do not have an obligation to committee service.

    Ex-officio membership on the board shall be granted to the principal of Harlaxton College, chair of the UE Board of Trustees Harlaxton committee and the following University of Evansville staff members: director of alumni and parent relations, Harlaxton coordinator and director of annual giving.

  • Board of Directors Officers: The executive committee of the Harlaxton Society Board of Directors shall be comprised of the chair, vice-chair, secretary/treasurer (director of alumni and parent relations) and four committee chairs. The vice-chair of the board may serve as one of the committee chairs. Each officer is eligible to serve one two-year term. The nominating committee will select a slate of officers subject to the approval of the full board at their spring meeting.

  • Committees: Each board member shall serve on one of four committees: Finance, Communication, Special Events and Nominating. Committee membership is open to all members of the Harlaxton Society.

  • Meetings: At least one meeting will be held during each academic semester and others may be called by the chair as necessary. New directors and officers will be elected during the spring meeting.

  • Voting: Voting will be by a simple majority of directors present at a meeting called with sufficient notice to all members.

By-laws Approved March 16, 2005

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Igleheart Building