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Thank you for visiting the Harlaxton Alumni Online Gallery. These are all works submitted by Harlaxton students, faculty, or staff and of course inspired by Harlaxton. Feel free to browse. To submit your Harlaxton-inspired artwork, email your image to alumni@evansville.edu.

Secret Places Short Films by George Speckert ‘73

The magnificent Harlaxton Manor has always been an exciting place. It is filled with many hidden corners, corridors and secluded areas. But not all areas are accessible by students or general public. These films reveal some of the wildest secret places in the Manor including many off-bound places like the clock room, the bell tower or the top of the cedar staircase. Members of the first class have added personal comments to some of these places giving us all an insight view of not only the secrets but also the enchantment of Harlaxton Manor.


Photos and Video

Harlaxton Wrap-up 2012 Harlaxton Oral History Project, October 27, 2011 Up the Naked Mile and Down Memory Lane Harlaxton Then and Now Panel Discussion Life in the Grand Manor The Gardens of Harlaxton Michael J. Armanno Kayla Troutman Photo 1 Kayla Troutman Photo 2 Kayla Troutman Photo 3 Leslie Nichols Photo 1 Leslie Nichols Photo 2 Leslie Nichols Photo 3 Michael Nichols Photo 1 Michael Nichols Photo 2 Michael Nichols Photo 3 Gordon Kingsley Erin Walsh Photo 1 Erin Walsh Photo 2 Sue Morrison Stained Glass Window Photo Lucie Rice Margaret (Peg) Ries-Heckman Karla Farmer Stouse Photo 1 Karla Farmer Stouse Photo 2 Karla Farmer Stouse Photo 3 Bill Brown Photo 1 Bill Brown Photo 2 Bill Brown Photo 3 Bill Brown Photo 4 Bill Brown Photo 5 Bill Brown Photo 6 Bill Brown Photo 7 Bill Brown Photo 8 Bill Brown Photo 9 Bill Brown Photo 10 Bill Brown Photo 11 Bill Brown Photo 12 Bill Brown Photo 13 Bill Brown Photo 14 Bill Brown Photo 15 Bill Brown Photo 16 Bill Brown Photo 17 Bill Brown Photo 18 Bill Brown Photo 19 Bill Brown Photo 20 Bill Brown Photo 21 Bill Brown Photo 22 Bill Brown Photo 23 Roger Pieroni Photo 1 Roger Pieroni Photo 2 Roger Pieroni Photo 3 Roger Pieroni Photo 4

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