Filing the FAFSA

File the FAFSA at When completing the FAFSA, be sure to select the appropriate FAFSA year as there are two academic years available (2018-19 and 2019-20). In order for UE to receive your FAFSA data, enter our school code (001795) under ‘School Selection’.

The FAFSA collects demographic and financial information for the student’s household. To be prepared to provide the information required to successfully submit the FAFSA, have the following available:

  • Both the student’s and parent’s FSA IDs.
  • Social Security Cards - Names and numbers must be entered exactly as they appear on cards.
  • Student’s and parents’ W-2s and federal tax returns from two years prior.
  • Most recent bank and investment statements.

Pay close attention to whose information is being requested (student’s or parent’s) as you complete each section. For each question, the FAFSA provides ‘Help and Hints’ which offers detailed explanations regarding what is being asked.

The FAFSA is not completed until both student and parent have successfully signed and submitted the FAFSA. A confirmation page will display once submitted which includes a FAFSA confirmation number. Please retain a copy of your confirmation for your records. Federal Student Aid will notify the student using the student’s email listed on the FAFSA if actions are required to correct errors.

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