Alumni Profiles

Alexa Hill ‘22

Alexa HillI chose the MSAT program at UE because of the class sizes and how clinical heavy the program is. Hands on learning and experiencing things in the moment as they happen as opposed to just in the classroom makes this program stand apart.

During my time at Evansville, I got a chance to work with UE volleyball and Baseball and University of Florida gymnastics. The preceptors at these sights are passionate about the profession. They let you jump in as often as possible to ensure you are learning and growing as an AT. This helped me develop confidence to go out and work on my own as a certified Athletic Trainer.

My favorite part about attending UE is how close and supportive everyone in the program is. The preceptors want to see you succeed. With such small class sizes, everyone in class became close and I know I left here with great connections, good references, and friends I will cherish for life.

Emma Thomas ‘22

Emma Thomas sitting on UE signEmma chose the University of Evansville to complete her Master of Science in Athletic Training because of the immersive placement opportunities and small class sizes. “Between the professors and preceptors, I learned so much during my time at UE. Everyone there wants to see you succeed”.

While at UE Emma worked with baseball, volleyball, XC/track & field, and multiple sports at Kentucky Wesleyan. She also had the opportunity to do her immersive rotation with the Vanderbilt Women’s Soccer Team in Nashville, TN. “I had the time of my life working with the Vanderbilt soccer team. I had a preceptor that always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I was able to experience so much during my time there.”

Emma currently works at Wright State University as the athletic trainer for XC and Track & Field, while also assisting with volleyball. She would recommend the University of Evansville for anyone who is interested in furthering their education in Athletic Training. “It’s a very rewarding job and you make some of the best memories. I’ve met some of my best friends during my time at UE and I will forever cherish them.”

Will McAlister ‘22

Will McAlister on fieldWill chose the Masters of Athletic Training program at UE because of the immersive opportunities and the tight knit, hands on classes. "I really enjoyed the small class sizes because of the opportunities to receive one on one instruction from your professors."

While at UE, Will had the opportunity to work with UE men's basketball, UE track and field, Evansville North High School, as well as several other clinical sites. Will also worked with Vanderbilt Football during his clinical immersive semester. " I got to spend every day of summer and fall with the football team and experience everything that goes on in the day-to-day life of an SEC athletic trainer. I am extremely grateful for the time I got to spend at Vandy, and I use things I learned there daily in my career."

Will is now the athletic trainer at Flora High School in Flora, IL. Will credits the sucess that he has had in his personal life and career to the MSAT program at UE. "I would definitely recommend the MSAT program at UE to anyone that is interested in becoming a quality athletic trainer. I have made some of my best friends at UE and will forever cherish the time I spent there."


Micaela Cornell ‘21

Micaela CornellMicaela chose the Master of Science in Athletic Training at UE because of small class sizes, location to home and tuition price that was lower than anywhere else. Various clinical rotations and being immersed & applying hands on skills helped her pass the BOC but also give her confidence going into her career as an Athletic Trainer.

While at UE, Micaela worked with UE volleyball, various high schools both fall and spring sports and UE baseball. Being at so many different settings during her time at UE created many connections and resources for her that she still uses as she begins her career. Being exposed to different settings & patient demographics helped her create a more comprehensive patient care approach.

Micaela recommends the MSAT program because of the lasting impression UE has made on her personal and professional life. “The staff is there to support you in every area of life. They want you to succeed as an athletic trainer but also genuinely care about your happiness and well-being. They have continued to check in with me and I have even been back to visit! The staff at UE is unmatched” she said. “UE will also hold a place in my heart, it is because of UE that I met my husband. During my time there I got engaged and got married. The staff and the bond of the small cohort’s was what helped me transition through all those stages of life, it was more than just grad school. I will always support and tell anyone interested in athletic training about the program at UE, Go Aces!!” she said.

Hung Chien Wu (Duke Wu) ‘21

Hung Chien Wu helping athletic studentDuke chose the Master of Science in Athletic Training at UE because of small student-preceptor ratios and a good atmosphere for studying. As an international student whom did not possess a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, the program provided a great opportunity to lead him in the right way. Multiple hours of clinical experience and developing hands-on skills helped him get certification from the BOC and also give him confidence to be a good athletic trainer now and in the future.

While at UE, Duke had the opportunity to do an immersive clinical rotation at University of Florida working with Women’s Basketball team. During that time, he enhanced his athletic training skills, knowledge, awareness, and built a rapport with the athletic training staff at UF. “This MSAT program gave me the opportunity to work in a fantastic university, which allowed me to learn more and helped me find a job in a college setting when I graduated.”

Tyler VanCamp ‘20

Olmsted Administration HallTyler VanCamp was drawn to the Master of Science in Athletic Training program at UE due to small class sizes, diverse clinical experiences, and affordable tuition. The MSAT Program allowed him to obtain hands-on, clinical experience from day one of the program.

While at UE, Tyler had the opportunity to do an immersive clinical rotation at Kentucky Wesleyan College working with their football team. During his time there, he was able to establish connections with fellow athletic trainers and physical therapists throughout the Tri-State area.

The diverse clinical experiences offered at UE helped prepare Tyler for his current position as an NAIA athletic trainer. "The small collegiate setting is extremely demanding. Typically, staffing is minimal, and you are required to cover multiple teams at one time. UE prepared me to be able to handle the demands of my current job setting."

Sarah Schiller ‘20

Sarah Schiller ‘20Sarah Schiller chose the Master of Science in Athletic Training program at UE because of location and the clinical opportunities available.  “Coming from Texas was a big change of scenery, but it provided new experiences that I hadn’t had during undergrad.”

While at UE, Sarah had the opportunity to do an immersive clinical semester at Northwestern University with their volleyball team.  She was able to make incredible connections in the athletic training and sports medicine fields.

The many different clinical rotations that UE offers allowed Sarah to gain valuable experience working with collegiate athletes.  This prepared her for her current position as a Division I Athletic Trainer.  “The masters program gave me opportunities to work with both small and large Division I universities, as well as Division II universities, which allowed me to learn how different levels run and make valuable connections that will stay with me throughout my career.”

Sarah recommends the MSAT program because of “the incredible staff that will help guide students through the many clinical opportunities they are offered.”

Gabby Korte ‘19

Gabby KorteGabby Korte was drawn to the Master of Science in Athletic Training program due to the small class sizes and wonderful staff and faculty. She also chose UE because of the location and enjoyed living in Evansville.

During her time in the MSAT program, Gabby had the opportunity to complete an immersive clinical rotation with FC Dallas. Through this experience, she was able to make great connections in the athletic training world. She liked that, during the program, there were many options for clinical rotations. Particularly, Gabby appreciated the opportunities to do research and be involved with the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

Because she was able to work with many athletic at the collegiate level, Gabby felt prepared for her current career in collegiate athletics. “I was familiar with the way college sports work as well as how to interact with college athletes,” Gabby said.

Gabby recommends the MSAT program because of the great professors. “They guide you in the right direction to have a successful career, and they give you opportunities to make great connections in the AT world,” she said.

Morgan Perry ‘18

Morgan PerryMorgan Perry chose to attend UE because of the at-home feel of campus she experienced from the time of her first visit. “Coming from New York, I felt very at easy with the transition into the MSAT program,” said Morgan. “I knew I would have the opportunity to build personal relationships with my professors and preceptors.”

Morgan found the MSAT program to be a very immersive, hands-on learning experience both in the classroom and clinical setting. The clinical rotation assignments were the greatest opportunity to apply and practice the skills and knowledge she learned from classes. “My preceptors would push me to go out of my comfort zone when I needed it most and often quizzed me to keep me sharp and engaged,” Morgan said. “There were always opportunities that allowed me to better the skills where I lacked confidence, and teach me many different methods of evaluations and rehabilitations.

Morgan liked that her clinical assignments were always aligned with the classes she was enrolled in at the time. While completing a football clinical rotation, she had a solid understanding of evaluating injuries autonomously. Her precepts would allow her to perform this evaluation and develop a treatment plan without constant close supervision.

Through her clinical rotations, Morgan learned how truly diverse the athletic training field is. She realized how many opportunities there are for aspiring ATs in finding their path. During her time in the MSAT program, Morgan worked with a family medicine physician, a professional men’s ice hockey team, an orthopaedic clinic, and a physical therapy office.

Morgan would recommend the MSAT program to others, because “you will have opportunities to learn from your classmates, professors, athletes, and staff members.” She said the connections made through the duration of the program will open doors that can be utilized in your career. Additionally, she felt prepared for the certification exam after robust training and material knowledge.

Caitlin Harty '14

Caitlin HartyMajor at UE: Athletic Training
Hometown: Powell, Ohio
Current Residence: Evansville, Indiana

Career Highlights: During my undergraduate years, the athletic training department allowed me to be a Division I swimmer at UE as well as the athletic training student for many of the university's other sports teams and area high schools. This taught me how to manage my time well and to take care of not only myself, but the other athletes at UE.

The professors at UE prepared me to take my Board of Certification early so that I could direct my time and energy into my responsibility as the senior Athletic Training Student with UE's baseball team. I was able to pass my boards on my first attempt and upon graduation I became Caitlin Harty, ATC. I was able to apply for Indiana Licensure so that I could immediately start treating athletes.

The University of Evansville's Athletic Training Program prepared me well for the transition into graduate school. In the summer of 2014, I started the University of Evansville's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Having a background of Athletic Training gave me the knowledge needed for my physical therapy orthopedic classes. My busy schedule during UE's Athletic Training Program prepared me for the very demanding hours of physical therapy school.

Life after UE's undergraduate AT Program: Being a Certified Athletic Trainer has provided me with a part time job at ProRehab, a local provider of physical therapy and athletic training coverage. My responsibilities included covering local middle school and high school sporting events such as football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, and lacrosse. While in physical therapy school, ProRehab has provided me with not only a source of income, but the opportunity to expand my athletic training skills and put the invaluable knowledge that I gained from the athletic training program into practice.

In addition to this, the knowledge of orthopedic injuries, prevention of injuries, and the overall health needs of an athlete has helped me as a competitive triathlete. I was able to train for Ironman Louisville, a 140.6 mile triathlon, from January 2016 through October 2016 without getting injured. I have applied my knowledge to the athletes I treat as well as myself. I have learned to listen to my body and take preventative measures to ensure that I will be ready for any race that I compete in.

Finally, UE's Athletic Training Program, as well as the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, has helped me achieve a lifelong dream. I was selected through EXOS, a nationwide healthcare provider to elite athletes, to be the Student Physical Therapist working with the Los Angeles Rams from March 2017-April 2017. My responsibilities will be preparing the athletes for their upcoming football season through injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Skylar Richards ‘06

Skylar RichardsMajor at UE: Athletic Training
Hometown: Hanover, Indiana
Current Residence: Dallas, Texas

Career Highlights: Skylar Richards is in his 10th year as a MLS Athletic Trainer. He is the former Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Colorado Rapids and Columbus Crew. Richards currently focuses on integrating Sports Science with Athletic Training to achieve injury prevention. A certified massage therapist and FMS specialist he works closely with coaching and strength staff while coordinating the club's sports medicine department. In 2015 he organized various club partnership to open the first US professional soccer recovery lab focusing on daily recovery/prevention though soft tissue mobilization, last of acid dispersal, customized nutrition, and anti-inflammatory modalities.

Helping UE's Athletic Training Program: Skylar has been instrumental in accepting and managing UE athletic training students in their pursuit of MLS internships.

Melissa Ball ‘14, ATC

Melissa BallMajor at UE: Athletic Training
Hometown: Greencastle, Indiana
Current Residence: St. Louis, Missouri, Washington University DPT program

Why UE? I chose UE mostly because of the combination of the academics and the campus and town atmosphere. I loved the town of Evansville and the feel of UE's campus, and I was really impressed by the academic programs, specifically the AT program and the opportunities it gave me to work with a variety of high level athletes. Eventually I just fell in love with the campus and the future I saw for myself there!

Career Highlights: As a student in UE's athletic training program, Melissa worked with the men's soccer team as a senior, overseeing daily evaluations, rehabilitation, and administration activities. As a junior, Melissa worked at F. J. Reitz High School covering their football team and satisfying UE's ATP equipment intensive rotation. Melissa has obtained a prestigious clinical placement working at EXOS in Carson, CA working at the StubHub Center. The StubHub Center is home to the LA Galaxy, the US Soccer Federation, USA Cycling and the United States Tennis Association. It is an 85 acre state of the art training center for many of America's top athletes and future stars. She will begin her clinical there in Sept. 2016.

Quotes from Melissa: I chose UE mostly because of the combination of the academics and the campus and town atmosphere. I loved the town of Evansville and the feel of UE's campus, and I was really impressed by the academic programs, specifically the AT program and the opportunities it gave me to work with a variety of high level athletes. Eventually I just fell in love with the campus and the future I saw for myself there!

Tara Halaby '07, DPT, ATC, ART, FST 1

Tara HalabyMajor at UE: Athletic Training with a minor in Spanish; Physical Therapy
Hometown: Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, grew up in Chicago, Illinois
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Current Occupation: Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer for WWE

Career Highlights: I ended my education at UE with an international internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working with BOCA Juniors Athletic Club in pro soccer and volleyball. Upon returning to the US, I decided to leave Chicago and head into warmer weather when I found an internship at ESPN/Disney's Wide World of Sports in Spring 2008. The Spring Training internship included high school and collegiate spring sports, USA Track and Field and Triathlon Team training (for 2008 Olympics), the Atlanta Braves Spring Training, and Nike SPARQ NFL Combine Training Camp.