Cris Hochwender, Professor/Biology

Dr. Cris Hochwender


Koch Center for Engineering and Science, Room 218


  • Evolutionary Ecology


  • B.S. - Cornell College
  • M.S. - University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Ph.D. - University of Missouri-St. Louis

Research Interests

Dr. Hochwender's research has addressed ecological and evolutionary processes involving the interactions between terrestrial plants and their herbivores. Questions have included how plants resist herbivores, the ways in which resistance evolves, allocation costs of resistance, the importance of plant genetics as a structuring force of arthropod herbivore communities, plant modular constraints to herbivory, local adaptation of plants, and plant hybridization. Dr. Hochwender also carries out research on the subject of restoration ecology. Currently, he is collecting native seeds and using them to help enhance the plant diversity of Vectren Conservation Park, an 1100-acre research site on the Wabash River.

Recent Publications

φ Designates UE undergraduates

Wheelwright, NT, JP Sinclair, CG Hochwender, and FJ Janzen. 2012. Leaf size in three generations of a dioecious tropical tree (Ocotea tenera, Lauracae): sexual dimorphism and changes with age. American Journal of Botany 99:1-6.

Hochwender, CG, DH Cha, RS Fritz, ME Czesak, RR Smith, AD Kaufman, B Warrenφ, and A Neumanφ. 2012. Protein storage and root:shoot reallocation strategies provide tolerance to damage in a hybrid willow system. Oecologia 169:49-60.

Lachoweckiφ, J, CG Hochwender, K Noltingφ, E Maurerφ, and A Aldridgeφ. 2011. Evaluating the quality of a disturbed wetland habitat in southwestern Indiana: a survey of native and exotic flora. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 120:18-30.

Orians, CM, CG Hochwender, RS Fritz, and T Snäll. 2010. Growth and defense in willow seedlings: trade-offs are transient. Oecologia 163:283-290.

Cha, DH, CG Hochwender, EM Boseckerφ, RE Tuckerφ, AD Kaufman, RS Fritz, and RR Smith. 2009. Do exotic generalist predators alter host plant preference of a native willow beetle? Agricultural and Forest Entomology 11:175-184.

Hochwender, CG, EM Jansonφ, DH Cha, and RS Fritz. 2005. Community structure of insect herbivores in a hybrid system: examining the effects of browsing damage and plant genetic variation. Ecological Entomology 30:170-175.

Hochwender, CG, and RS Fritz. 2004. Plant genetic differences influence herbivore community structure: evidence from a hybrid willow system. Oecologia 138:547-557.

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Room 231, Koch Center for Engineering and Science