Global Business

As the business market continues to become increasingly global, it is vitally important that graduates entering the workforce are prepared to do business across international boundaries.

The global business major provides students a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in today's global business environment. With access to international internships - as well as collaboration with UE's acclaimed study abroad program - majors in global business learn the skills they will need for rewarding careers with multi-national firms.

  • UE's study abroad program at Harlaxton has been ranked the #1 study abroad program in America
  • 2020 Schroeder School Seniors placed in the 98th percentile in international business on the Major Field Test among 500 business schools.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Global Business Major

This degree requires completion of 124 semester hours, allocated as follows:

General Education – 38 hours: including Quantitative Methods 227, Management 497

Common Core – 45 hours: The purpose of the common core is to provide students with careful preparation in the fundamental tools of decision making and leadership. All Schroeder School of Business Students complete the following courses: Accounting 210, 211; Business 100, 200, 398, 400; Economics 101,102; Finance 361; Logistics/Supply Chain Management 315; Law 201; Management 311, 331, 377; Marketing 325; Quantitative Methods 160.

Global Business Major – 18 hours: Six or more courses selected from the following: BUS 365; ECON 425, 435; FIN 426; LSCM 360; MGT 392; MKT 477. May substitute two 300/400 curses (6 hours) with a prefix of ACCT, BUS, ECON, FIN, LAW, LSCM, MGT, MKT or QM.

Foreign Language – 6 hours: The global business major requires that student demonstrate proficiency at the 212 level of their chosen language.

Free Electives – approximately 17 hours to total 124.