LEAD Forward 2022-2023 Cohort

My major and degree: B.S. in Accounting
My hometown: Evansville, IN
My expected graduation date: May 2024

Why I Joined: I applied to join the LEAD Forward program because of the emphasis on personal and professional development. I wanted to be involved in a program that would make me a stronger leader and a better communicator by focusing on encouraging and strengthening my current leadership skills. In addition to these benefits, I knew that LEAD Forward helps to build a network on campus and in career. I knew that this program would help me excel in school and my future career.

What are my career goals after graduation: I hope to experience an internship in the private accounting world this summer to help determine where I would like to work in the future. Currently, I hope to graduate and pass CPA exams and begin work as an auditor in a public accounting firm!

Major: Business Management and Health Services Administration

Why I Joined: I joined the LEAD Forward program because I thought it would be a great opportunity to improve my skills not only in the business world but also in life. I heard such great things about the program and knew it would be an amazing experience to learn how to become a better leader. I joined to push myself out of my comfort zone so I could grow in confidence, improve my decision making and communication skills, and establish new relationships.

Plan after graduation: I am currently unsure of my plan after graduation, but I intend to go into a career in management or HSA right out of college. Most importantly, I want to find a job I enjoy going to everyday!

Major(s): Accounting, Finance
Minor(s): Legal Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2024
Hometown: Peoria, IL

Why I joined: I chose to participate in the LEAD Forward program after hearing how rewarding and beneficial it is from previous students. Having the opportunity to refine my leadership skills, expand my professional network, and, ultimately, grow as an individual was exciting to me.

What are your career goals after graduation? I plan to intern with a local accounting firm during the 2022/2023 school year. After graduation, I plan to study and sit for the CPA exam, while continuing my professional career in public accounting.

Major: B.S. Management
Hometown: Newburgh, IN

Why I joined: I joined LEAD Forward because I wanted to be able to grow as an individual. I also knew that the program would help me gain knowledge about the business world. It also allowed me to meet the most amazing people that are interested in similar things.

Career goals after graduation: My number one goal is to be happy with my career path and be good at what I do. I have many plans for my future. One of them is running my own company. Until then, I plan to work my way up and learn more about my profession.

Major: Management and Marketing

Why I joined: I joined LEAD Forward because I wanted to develop myself as a leader. I saw how it had helped prior fellows, and I wanted that encouragement, support, and education. I wanted to not only gain knowledge from the facilitators, but also my peers. I saw the strong group that I would be participating with, and I couldn't ask for better people to support my growth. I am looking forward to continuing this development in the coming year.

Career goals: While I don't know exactly where I want to be working in the future, I know I want to be making an impact. My passion for and experience with philanthropy has driven me to want to work for a non-profit in the future. Whether it's management or marketing related, I want to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

Major: B.S. Sports Communication & Business Minor

Why I joined: I decided to join LEAD forward because I saw it as an opportunity to push myself outside of my comfort zone to learn how to take more initiative. As a sophomore I am already involved in several different programs and clubs on campus such as SGA, entrepreneurship club and the woman’s basketball practice team. I have yet to assume many leadership positions in those programs, but throughout college I would like to try to run for more positions, or at least step up and be more of a facilitator. Being in the LEAD Forward program has taught me that you can be a leader without having a leadership title, and it is also important to know your strengths and weaknesses so you can really exploit your passions by using what you’re good at.

What are your career goals after graduation? As a sports Communication major, I think that it would be awesome to work as a commentator, or just in the field of sports broadcasting. I am also working towards getting a business minor, so I can open up my own gym eventually. YouTube has been a big passion of mine, so I am also hoping that I can start to generate ad revenue from my videos, hopefully during college, but I will certainly continue to post consistently after graduation as well.

Major: Computer Science

The reason I decided to commit to LEAD Forward was to make a commitment to myself to become a stronger leader and to grow as an individual. I found out about the program from a professor who recommended me the opportunity and so I decided to apply. As someone who has multiple years of experience with working on the field managing a team of over ten individuals, I saw LEAD Forward as a powerful opportunity to strengthen and augment my skill and knowledge as an effective leader both on the field and in society. Additionally, LEAD Forward develops meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime and richen your connections and experiences.

I plan on pursuing a MS in Computer Science once I graduate UE and even possibly a PhD in the future. During my time at and after UE I plan to involve myself in the field with internships and participations in CS-grounded events such as the ICPC. Ultimately, I want to utilize my skills I have developed and honed in the LEAD Forward program to bring important innovation and change to the field of Computer Science as a leader.