More than 99 percent of recent graduates from the Department of Chemistry are either attending graduate school or working full time in a related field.

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Meagan Farley

2008 graduate Megan Farley talks about how her UE degree prepared her for her job at Red Spot Paint Paint & Varnish Company.

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Skyler Smith

2009 graduate Skyler Smith describes how his time at UE prepared him both to teach chemistry and to put his knowledge into action in the field.

Professional Successes

When students graduate from the University of Evansville's Department of Chemistry, they move on to one of three places: professional school, graduate school or the work force.

During their four years at the University of Evansville, students will receive the tools they need to succeed after graduation, whether they seek post-graduate education or work in a chemistry-related field. But don't just take our word for it; look at the numbers. More than 95 percent of UE Chemistry graduates currently are either in a professional school (such as medical school, dental school, or veterinary school), graduate school, or working in a chemistry-related job - a result of their own hard work in mastering a challenging curriculum, paired with the faculty support and experiential opportunities that give UE's chemistry students a leg up on the competition.

You can also learn about how UE's Department of Chemistry prepares students for success after graduation from the people who know best: Our alumni. Click the images above to hear about how the UE Experience prepared Meagan Farley and Skyler Smith for their careers practicing and teaching chemistry.