Beyond the Classroom

Professor supervises group of students conducting engineering survey.

Learning Through Experience

Civil engineering students at UE gain real world experience through co-op programs that not only provide experience, but also give our students a leg up for better jobs and higher salaries after graduation.

Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

Civil engineering majors are encouraged to participate in the cooperative education (co-op) program. Through the co-op, students will receive a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering (BSCE) degree in five years while completing a minimum of three additional semesters of experience as a civil engineer. About 20 percent of civil engineering students participate in the co-op program.

Students will benefit in several ways through the co-op program. Most importantly, it provides valuable experience for a future career. Employers have an opportunity to hire students as prospective employees, and students can gain experience and weigh their options before entering the workforce.

Co-op students typically receive a higher salary offer upon graduation compared to those not in the co-op program. Graduates are also frequently offered long-term employment opportunities.

The table below shows the calendar for a typical student in the co-op program. After two years of regular classes, the student begins their co-op period and works through the summer. Their junior year will be split between a semester of classes and a semester of work. Afterward, semesters will rotate between classes and work, leading up to graduation.

Co-op Calendar
Co-op Calendar
Year Fall Spring Summer
1 School 1 School 2 Work Option
2 School 3 School 4 Work 1
3 School 5 Work 2 School 6
4 Work 3 School 7 Work 4
5 School 8 School 9

Co-op students can choose from a wide range of employers within the Evansville area and throughout the tri-state region (Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois). Students may also complete the co-op program with an employer closer to home. Previous employers include:

  • Bowen Engineering
  • Burns and McDonnell Engineering
  • CHA Consulting, Inc
  • City of Evansville
  • City of Indianapolis
  • CIVES Steel Company
  • Indiana DOT
  • Lochmueller Group
  • Morley, Inc.
  • Patriot Engineering
  • Traylor Brothers
  • U.S, Army Corps of Engineers
  • U.S. Navy
  • CenterPoint Energy

For more information about the University's Cooperative Education Program, please visit the University of Evansville Center for Career Development.


Students can benefit from semester-long, full-time professional work experiences through internships. Internship placements are set up through civil engineering faculty or the Center for Career Development.