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Civil Engineering Abroad and at Home

From on-campus projects to humanitarian projects abroad, UE's civil engineering students put their knowledge to use in both gaining experience and helping society.

Today's engineers must be adept at working in a global marketplace. To assist engineers in meeting that challenge, the University of Evansville provides students with an opportunity for an international experience at our British living, learning center, Harlaxton College.

The University of Evansville's Harlaxton College is located just outside of Grantham, England, in the rolling English countryside. Engineering students who choose to spend a semester studying at Harlaxton have easy access to England's culture, history and entertainment. Engineering students who wish to study one semester in England are encouraged to do so during the first semester of their sophomore year.

At Harlaxton, engineering students typically take calculus, British studies and general education classes. Harlaxton College is on the semester system and all classes earn credit at the University of Evansville in the same way they would if they were taken in Evansville. The engineering program requires five general education courses and it is possible to select classes at Harlaxton College that will count as required courses toward the engineering degree.

Students at Harlaxton are encouraged to travel on weekends. The college arranges eight to ten weekend field trips to locations such as Stonehenge, Nottingham, London and Scotland. During some semesters, less frequent but longer trips are arranged to Ireland and the continent. Harlaxton has its own resident British faculty as well as visiting faculty from the home campus and other selected campuses in the United States. Likewise, students at Harlaxton come from the Evansville campus, England and various other campuses around the United States.

Harlaxton College Costs

While the tuition at Harlaxton College is the same as on the Evansville campus and all scholarships apply to Harlaxton, there are additional costs associated with travel. The typical airplane round trip is $800 and the typical student at Harlaxton College will spend an additional $3,000 on weekend trips, souvenirs and other miscellaneous expenses. Additional expenses should be less during the summer session.

Other Opportunities

In the fall of 2008, a group of civil engineering students travelled to the Dominican Republic to work with people from a different culture to design a church and sports complex. Participants agreed this experience was valuable and even life-changing. Trips like these are periodically planned to enhance students’ learning experience.

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