Study Abroad

Civil Engineering Abroad and at Home

From on-campus projects to humanitarian projects abroad, UE's civil engineering students put their knowledge to use in both gaining experience and helping society.


Today's engineers must be adept at working in a global marketplace. To assist engineers in meeting that challenge, the University of Evansville provides the opportunity to study abroad at Harlaxton.

Harlaxton is located just outside of Grantham, England, in the rolling English countryside. Students are encouraged to travel on weekends to take advantage of the culture, history, and sights of England. Weekend field trips are arranged to various locations, but students can also visit other European countries while overseas.

Students in the engineering program are encouraged to study abroad during the first semester of their sophomore year. Typically, engineering students study calculus, British studies, and general education classes while at Harlaxton. All classes earn credit towards your UE degree just like on-campus classes would. The engineering program requires five general education courses, and it is possible to select classes at Harlaxton that will count as required courses toward the engineering degree.