Health Insurance

The University of Evansville recommends that all full-time students carry health insurance. The student may rely on his or her own or his or her family’s personal health insurance policy. The University health form is to be completed by all full-time new students. Students must provide health insurance information or check the waiver box indicating the student does not have health insurance. This insurance plan is required of all international students unless the student can provide proof of comparable insurance from one’s home country or through a government-sponsored plan. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all health insurance information on WebAdvisor is up to date so if there is an emergency, the University will be able to provide this information to a health care provider.

Note: If the student does not carry health insurance, the University of Evansville cannot assume financial responsibility for any medical expense necessitated by an illness.

*Disclaimer: Medical services are provided by an independent company, Tri State Community Clinics, which is not affiliated with the University of Evansville.

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