Class Excuse Policy

When a student is absent or late to class because of an appointment at the Health Center, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss this directly with the faculty member involved. The Health Center does not provide excuses for a missed class, lab or exam. Students may complete an authorization to release medical information form and include their professor. The Health Center will not release any information or verify that a student had an appointment without written authorization. You may obtain this form from the Health Center or via the link above.

Official excused absences are granted on an as needed basis from the Dean of Students office and will be given based on the student’s diagnosis, symptoms, and test results. The final decision is determined by the Dean of Students regarding whether criteria for an official excused absence has been met. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this form while in the Health Center and request an excused absence from the Dean of Students office.

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Sampson Hall, 1800 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN, 47722