New and Re-Entry Students

The health of an individual can affect the health of the campus community, and the University of Evansville is committed to protecting the well-being of all our students, faculty and staff.

As a result, all new full-time incoming students (undergraduate, graduate, re-entry, transfer, international, and exchange) are required to submit an updated, physician certified immunization certificate and physical to Med+Proctor and have a verified status in order to enroll at the University of Evansville and participate in intercollegiate sports by the following deadlines:

  • Students entering in Fall semester: July 1
  • Students entering in Spring semester: December 1
  • Students entering in Summer semester: April 1


Information regarding the new admission specific requirements for the University of Evansville can be found on the Immunization Requirements page or by visiting to obtain appropriate forms and register for your new account, using your University of Evansville email address. Follow the Med+Proctor instructions for completing this process. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR IMMUNIZATION RECORD TO THE UNIVERSITY OR HEALTH CENTER.

Part Time Students

Any student who is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours (commuters only) DO NOT need to meet the admission health requirements as listed.

Online Program Students

Any student who is enrolled in online only courses, not living on campus, DO NOT need to meet the admission health requirements as listed.

Health Form Communication

All communication regarding compliance, will be through the student’s University of Evansville email by Med+Proctor and staff at the Health Center. Due to privacy regulations of FERPA/HIPAA, all communication regarding the student’s health information must be with the student. The student may complete and return an Authorization to release medical information form, to allow communication to authorized personnel.

Health Form Penalty

Students must have a verified status with Med+Proctor before the start of classes. Students not in compliance with the University of Evansville’s health requirements by the beginning of classes, risk their eligibility to attend class, live in residential housing, and a hold will be placed on the student’s account for subsequent terms until compliant in accordance with the state of Indiana and University of Evansville Policy.

Please Contact the Health Center with any questions regarding new admissions.