The University of Evansville Health Center is able to provide allergy injections to students as needed with the completion of an Allergy Packet form on file. The required Immunotherapy Allergy Packet must be filled out by the student and allergist. The packet advises the allergist that Ascension St. Vincent Tri State Clinics has one standardized form for orders which needs to be completed and signed by the allergist. We only accept allergist's orders on the TSCC Immunotherapy Order form. We will not administer injections from inadequately labeled vials or if a physician's instructions are missing/incomplete on the required forms. Changes in dosage or schedule instructions must be provided with written authorization from the ordering physician. The student can make appointments to be seen on a regular basis for injections during provider hours. There is a $10 per injection fee associated with this service. If a student has a history of severe reactions or if documentation is missing, TSCC reserves the right to refuse to administer the injections in our clinic.

Delivery of the allergy serum should NOT be mailed directly to the University or Student Health Center. Other shipping arrangements should be made for the delivery of the serum due to the refrigeration needs of the serum. The student is responsible for the allergy serum until arrangements have been made with the Health Center to store the serum at the health center per storage recommendations. If no other shipping arrangements are available, allergy serum may be shipped to the following address:

Ascension TriState Clinics
1033 E. Mt. Pleasant Rd. Suite D
Evansville, IN 47725

Please contact the Health Center prior to the beginning of classes, as we would be happy to fax the necessary allergy forms, we require to your physician.

Depo-Provera administration injections can be performed by a health care provider at the Student Health Center by making a nurse appointment. Medication must be provided by the student and remain in the original packaging from pharmacy. The student must provide the date of last dose administered and a pregnancy test must be performed before administration. There is a $10 per injection fee associated with this service.

Students who self-administer insulin or other medically related injections may receive a sharps biohazard container from the Health Center to dispose of used needles/sharps. Return the filled biohazard container to the Health Center in exchange for a new one as needed.

Please Contact the Health Center with any questions regarding Immunotherapy Injections.