Tuition and Direct Costs for Graduate and Adult Students

Undergraduate Program Costs
Undergraduate Programs Amount
RN to BSN Program $315 (per credit hour)
BS Organizational Leadership $315 (per credit hour)
Transition to Teaching $315 (per credit hour)
University Studies $315 (per credit hour)
Teaching (Associates to Bachelor’s) $315 (per credit hour)
Registration Fee for all Adult Programs $50 (per term)
Technology Fee for all Adult Programs $100 (per term)
Graduate Program Costs
Graduate Programs Amount
Master of Public Services Administration (PSA) $525 (per credit hour)
Master of Science in Leadership $525 (per credit hour)
Master of Athletic Training $525 (per credit hour)
Master of Public Health $525 (per credit hour)
Master of Science in Health Services Administration $525 (per credit hour)
Non-Profit Leadership Graduate Certificate $525 (per credit hour)
Higher Education Graduate Certificate $525 (per credit hour)
Innovation Graduate Certificate $525 (per credit hour)
Public Health Certificate $525 (per credit hour)
Doctor of Physical Therapy $19,000 (per semester)
Fees for Graduate students (9+ credit hours per semester) $583 (per semester)
Fees for Graduate students (less than 9 hours per semester) $150 (per semester)

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