Tuition and Direct Costs for Graduate Students for 2024-2025

Graduate Program Costs

Graduate Program Costs table
Graduate Programs Amount
Master of Science in Leadership $600 (per credit hour)
Master of Science in Athletic Training $600 (per credit hour)
Master of Science in Education $450 (per credit hour)
Master of Public Health $600 (per credit hour)
Master of Science in Health Services Administration $600 (per credit hour)
Master of Arts in Cultural Resource Management $600 (per credit hour)
UE Doctor of Physical Therapy (entering the graduate-level DPT program in Summer 2024) $13,100 (per term)
Doctor of Physical Therapy (transfer students entering Summer 2024) $13,100 (per term)
Master of Physician Assistant Science (entering Spring 2025) $15,300 (per term)
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (entering Spring 2025) $15,200 (per term)
Doctor of Clinical Psychology $14,620 (per fall and spring)
$3,200 per summer
PhD Health Professions Education $875 (per credit hour)
Graduate Certificate Programs $600 (per credit hour)
Required Fees Amount
Graduate Student Activity Fee (full-time enrollment) $163 (per semester)
Services Fee (full-time enrollment) $523 (per semester)
Fees for Graduate students (less than 9 hours per semester) $170 (per semester)

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost of Attendance