Tuition and Direct Costs for International Students for 2024-2025

International Cost

It is estimated that international students will need a minimum of $64,080 (before scholarship award) for the 2024-25 academic year (fall and spring semesters). It is important that you have at least one semester's expenses with you when you arrive at the University or have sent the fees before arrival. Additional funds may be wire transferred by parents or sponsors to the student's bank account as needed. For any special arrangements please consult with the Coordinator of International Student Services prior to arrival on campus.

If you plan to continue your studies through the summer, it is estimated that you will need approximately an additional $7,000 for tuition, housing, food, and personal expenses. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services does not require a student to be enrolled during summer break.

Estimated Annual Costs for Full-Time International Students Entering 2024-25

Estimated Annual Costs table
Tuition and fees (12-18 credit hours) $44,172
Housing (Estimated) $7,630
Food (Standard Meal Plan) $7,370
Health and Medical Insurance (12 Months Estimated) $1,900
Transportation $874
Student Personal Expenses (9 Months Estimated) $1,264
Purple Pack book rental, supplies, and equipment $870
Typical annual Cost of Attendance for full-time resident international student (before scholarship award) $64,080

Additional Information for International Students

Undergraduate tuition and direct costs for 2024-2025
Full-time Tuition Semester Annual
Full-time Undergraduate (12-18 Credit Hours) $21,400 ± $42,800 ±
Each Additional Credit Hour (above 18) $1,190
Required Fees for All Full-time Undergraduate Students
Student Activity Fee $163 $326
Services Fee $523 $1,046
Part-time Tuition/Fees (Fall or Spring Semester)
Part-time Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour; 1-11 Hours) $1,190
Registration fee per semester for part-time enrollment $55 $110
Technology fee per semester for part-time enrollment $115 $230
Purple Pack Book Rental - Full-time (opt out available) $360
Purple Pack Book Rental - Part-time (opt out available) $180
Summer 2024 Sessions Tuition/Fees
Tuition (per credit hour) $600
Summer Session Registration fee (per session) $55
Summer Session Technology fee (per session) $44

Cost of Attendance

For full Cost of Attendance information related to other educational related expenses, please visit Cost of Attendance for 2024-25.