Accreditation and State Reports

Both UE and the state of Indiana track and survey graduates of our teacher education program. The results are impressive. For example, according to the state of Indiana, 97.6% of our graduates with 1-2 years of teaching experience were rated either "Effective" or "Highly Effective" in their placements. Ninety-five percent of our graduates rated their preparation for teaching as "Excellent" or "Good." One graduate wrote in the survey, "The preparatory program at the University of Evansville is very thorough. I took part in a practicum, two internships, and a student teaching assignment. The hands-on experience I received there proved to be quite helpful in my first two years of teaching." Another graduate wrote, "The University of Evansville was an excellent program and I couldn't have asked for better professors or a better program."

The School of Education's Teacher Recruitment initiative is featured on the Indiana Department of Education's website as a Promising Practice of Educator Preparation Programs. This information can be viewed at:

Educator Preparation Program Data Matrix

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