Instructional Technology and Resources

During the last 15 years, the teaching profession has advanced rapidly in the area of educational technology. Whether the concentration is in preschool, elementary, secondary or special education, teachers must keep up with fast-moving, computer-based technology. Educators must be skilled and literate in educational technology. The UE School of Education prepares its students for the digital learning environment in the following ways:


UE has two Promethean© Boards for student use and practice in delivering education lessons.

Tapley Education Resource and Multimedia Center

On the second floor of Graves Hall (GH 243), UE’s Tapley Education and Multimedia Center is a multi-departmental, customized resource facility for students and faculty in the College of Education and Health Sciences. The 1,350 square-foot facility houses a customized computer lab with scanners and printers, a copy machine, technology equipment including digital photo cameras and video recorders, a laminating machine, a binding machine, and a meeting place for group work.

Instructional Materials

Students have access to a variety of web-based instructional materials, including trained use with assessment programs such as Acuity©, NWEA©, and other educational lessons.

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