Student Ambassadors

Abigail Aders headshot

Abigail Aders
Hometown: Jasper, IN
Major: Secondary History Education
Minor: Theatre Studies

Riley Angel headshot

Riley Angel
Hometown: Evansville / Port-de-Paix, Haiti
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Reading

Jaylin Boger headshot

Jaylin Boger
Hometown: Lynnville, IN
Major: Spanish Education

Emma Evans headshot

Emma Evans
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: TESL

Alison Gansman headshot

Alison Gansman
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Major: English Education

Addy Garretson headshot

Addy Garretson
Hometown: Corydon, IN
Major: Elementary Education

Geneva Halter headshot

Geneva Halter
Hometown: Oaktown, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Legal Studies

Carter Heaston headshot

Carter Heaston
Hometown: Centerville, IN
Major: History Education
Minor: Political Science

Cassie Hood headshot

Cassie Hood
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Reading

Arwyn Horstman headshot

Arwyn Horstman
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Special Education

Hannah Krings headshot

Hannah Krings
Hometown: Alabama
Major: Secondary – History

Kendall Lee headshot

Kendall Lee
Hometown: Jasper, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Reading

Emily Munday headshot

Emily Munday
Hometown: Newburgh, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Special Education

Rylie Penticuff headshot

Rylie Penticuff
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Major: Art Education

Allison Riley headshot

Allison Riley
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Reading

Birdie Rouse headshot

Birdie Rouse
Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Archaeology

Allison Welch headshot

Allison Welch
Hometown: Jasonville, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: TESL

Reflections from our Students

“My heart has always been super in tune to emotions and relationships – how others are doing and what brings them down or lifts them up. And, man,, can we play such an influential role in others’ lives by caring for them, encouraging them, and loving them. A second of caring, looking deeper, and asking how someone is doing can literally change their entire day…week…perhaps even their life.

Kids live in such a sensitive time of life where their curiosity and dreams can either be crushed or nurtured – that is why I choose to teach. I want to see students’ hearts and be a voice that care and encourages, and perhaps even changes lives simply by loving and believing in them. Being a teacher is so much more than teaching a curriculum. It’s a sweet opportunity to show kids love.” Melinda Hopf, “My Why” (A reflection on why I choose to teach)
“I love UE because it is a small, tight-knit community with loving students, professors, and faculty who genuinely care for others. My professors know me on a first name basis; I am not just a number. UE wants to make everyone's college experience the best it can be by offering student involvement on campus with many organizations and events. I am glad I picked UE!” Megan Hawkins
“I chose the University of Evansville because it is big enough for me to meet and learn from people with different perspectives than me, yet small enough for me to develop strong relationships with my peers and professors. I love the University of Evansville because of the tremendous study abroad program at Harlaxton which makes it easy to travel the world.” Austin Hopf
“I chose UE because of how personable the campus and staff was. I felt at home the minute I stepped foot on campus and knew I would receive a college education from professors who truly cared about my success and learning. I love UE because it continually allows me to learn new things about myself and my major, while providing me with amazing opportunities to get involved and meet new people!” Brooke Bittner
“UE has given me so many great opportunities to grow in my education and who I am as person. UE is the perfect size campus and is filled with so many wonderful professors and faculty members that really care about us.” Sara Cannaday