Measures of Success

100% Job Placement Rate 2016-2017 for graduates who desired employment

Students spent 1000 hours working in schools by graduation

94% of graduates were rated Effective of Highly Effective by their principals

Our mission is simple; a quality major produces a graduate who is prepared and excels in the classroom. UE’s early school placements during the freshman year lead to intensive internship and student teaching experiences for all majors. As a result, our graduates are well prepared for the rigors of the 21st century classroom.

  • 100% of School of Education graduates from the class of 2015-2016 rated their preparation for teaching as excellent or good.
  • 100% of 2016 graduates passed the Pedagogy State Licensing exam on the first attempt.
  • Graduates help students grow in the classroom. A 2017-2018 sample of graduates revealed a student improvement range of 87-100% on a pre-test and post-test administered in the classroom.
One graduate wrote in the survey, “The preparatory program at the University of Evansville is very thorough. I took part in a practicum, two internships, and a student teaching assignment. The hands-on experience I received there proved to be quite helpful in my first two years of teaching.” Another graduate wrote, “The University of Evansville was an excellent program and I couldn’t have asked for better professors or a better program.”

Freshman surveys

According to focus group data from our 2017-2018 freshman class, the strengths of our Teacher Education program include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Getting into classrooms as a freshman
  • Personal contact with faculty and academic advisors
  • Campus and faculty diversity
  • Various opportunities to study abroad
  • Teaching Fellows scholarship (scholarship for teacher shortage areas and underrepresented teacher groups)

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