Measures of Success

100% Job Placement Rate for thepast four years for graduates who desired employment* (2015-2019)

Students spent 1,000 hours working in schools by graduation

96% of 2017-2019 graduates were observed by their principals and rating Effective of Highly Effective.

* Undergraduate and Transition to Teaching data

Our mission is simple; a quality major produces a graduate who is prepared and excels in the classroom. UE’s early school placements during the freshman year lead to intensive internship and student teaching experiences for all majors. As a result, our graduates are well prepared for the rigors of the 21st century classroom.

  • 100% of School of Education graduates from 2015-2019 rated their preparation for teaching as excellent or good.
  • Over the past four years, case study trend data indicates our graduates are consistently measured as effective or highly effective teachers regarding instructional practice in their classrooms based upon school administrator observations and positively impacting P-12 student learning and development.
  • 100% of principals responding to an IDOE survey indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the pre-service training their beginning teacher received from the University of Evansville.
  • 100% of 2019 graduates passed the Pedagogy State Licensing exam on the first attempt.
  • Graduates help students grow in the classroom. A 2019-2020 sample of graduates revealed a student improvement range of 95-100% on a pre-test and post-test administered in the classrooms. 2018-2019 sample of graduates revealed a student improvement range of 92%-100%. 2017-2018 sample of graduates revealed a student improvement range of 87-100%. Trend data indicates that our graduates are making a positive impact on student learning and development in their respective classrooms.
  • Although trend data listed above indicates our graduates are successful in the classroom, the School of Education supports our graduates through a three-year mentoring program to continue to help them improve their classroom practices and impact on student improvement.
One graduate wrote in the survey, “The preparatory program at the University of Evansville is very thorough. I took part in a practicum, two internships, and a student teaching assignment. The hands-on experience I received there proved to be quite helpful in my first two years of teaching.” Another graduate wrote, “The University of Evansville was an excellent program and I couldn’t have asked for better professors or a better program.”

Freshman surveys

According to focus group data from the previous two freshman classes, the strengths of our Teacher Education program include:

  • Affordable!
    • Teaching Fellows Scholarship
    • Changemaker Scholarship
      • “I received enough scholarships that it was comparable to many schools and even cheaper than some.”
  • 100% job placement
  • Reputation of UE and the School of Ed in the community
  • Small class sizes-Home Like Environment
    • “I knew that I would receive a personalized education with involved professors.”
  • Getting into classrooms as a freshman
    • “We begin to think like a classroom teacher during our first semester.”
  • Personal contact with faculty and academic advisors
    • “I fell in love with the Education Department!”
    • “The education department made me feel like a person rather than a number.”
    • “The education program is a tight knit family.”
    • “There was such a community feel!”
    • “When I first stepped on campus, I felt like it was home!”
  • Campus and faculty diversity
  • Various opportunities to study abroad

Student Loan Default Rate

The most recent federal student loan default rate for the University of Evansville was 3.3% for the FY 2016 CDR, published September of 2019.

Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing: Testing Success
Chort Tests Taken Tests Passed Pass Rate (%) State Pass (%)
Program Completers, 2017-2018 16 14 88 82
Program Completers, 2016-2017 22 20 91 84
Program Completers, 2015-2016 19 18 95 91
Program Completers, 2014-2015 39 37 95 89

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