B.S. in Elementary Education (including Kindergarten)

This rigorous and exciting set of courses and field experiences prepares candidates to teach in grades kindergarten through 6th grade. In addition, elementary majors must add an additional content area concentration that significantly improves their opportunities for employment in a wide variety of schools and school settings.

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Elementary Education

UE's Elementary Education program prepares students through an exciting set of courses and field experiences designed to maximize their skills and opportunities for employment.

As in all programs, elementary candidates have an initial field experience in a local school during their freshman year; and in nearly each subsequent semester, candidates have field experiences that improve and expand their instructional and assessment skills and strategies through their senior year. As juniors, all candidates focusing on elementary education spend two full semesters, working for about a half day every day, under the tutelage of a UE professor and an excellent classroom teacher. Field placements are generally in local area schools and include a variety of experiences working with different cultures and other diverse student populations.

Professional Education Course Work (61 hrs.)

Course Hours
EDUC-100 - History and Foundations of American Education 3
EDUC-200 - Introduction to Diversity in Schools, Teachers, and Learners 3
EDUC 235 - Mathematics for Primary School Children 2
EDUC-320 - Teaching Strategies in K-12 Schools 3
EDUC-321 - Teaching Social Studies 3
EDUC-322 - Strategies for Special Needs Students in K-12 Schools 3
EDUC-323 - Teaching Science, Conservation, and Ecology 3
EDUC-324 - Principles and Practices in Mathematics Education 3
EDUC-330 - Literature for the Elementary and Adolescent Child 3
EDUC-345 - Designing Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for Kindergarten Education 3
EDUC 385 - Multicultural Understanding 3
EDUC-403 - Classroom Management Techniques for the Elementary Teacher 1
EDUC-418 - Practicum: Implementing the Language Arts Curriculum 4
EDUC-419 - Practicum: Implementing Social Studies and Science Curriculum 4
EDUC-421 - Preschool and Beginning Reading Skills or EDUC 427 - Corrective Reading
EDUC-422 - Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School 4
EDUC-432 - Supervised Teaching in Elementary School 6-12
EDUC 435 - Supervised Teaching Seminar 1

Additional Required Course Work

Course Hours
ART-102 - Art in Elementary Schools or
MUS-270 - Teaching Music in the Elementary School
GEOG-230 - Physical Geography or
ES-103 - Fundamentals of Environmental Science
COMM-110 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking or
COMM 380 - Intercultural Communication
MATH-202 - Math for Elementary Teachers 3
HE 160 - First Aid with CPR (or evidence of completion of CPR and Heimlich maneuver training) 2
PSYC-226 - Child and Adolescent Psychology 3


TESL, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, Reading, Foreign Language, Visual Arts, and Music

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